Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?

The President of Iran, the entire Iranian Parliament, as well as the Leaders of every city, town and village across Iran, are chosen by democratic elections in this country of over 80 million people. There is much enthusiasm in Iran’s elections, Supporters of Iranian political parties rally enthusiastically in 2017.  Note that many women’s hair is clearly visible, the scarves being merely token. The ladies areContinue reading “Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?”

America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula

The Death Toll in Venezeuala reaches 100,000 now. Where is the media? . The American government’s sanctions death toll in Venezuela has reached over 100,000 poor innocent men, women and children (so far).  Sanctions have been called a form of warfare – they are designed to kill. Not to kill quickly, as in conventional wars,Continue reading “America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula”