Racism in Full View Each Day

WHITE SUPREMACISTS RACISM IN THE BRITISH MAINSTREAM MEDIA….  “Muslims” are telling “us”, presumably those British people who wrote this headline or own this newspaper and who, presumably, are not muslim, how to run “our” schools – that is, the British schools, which this headline is saying are not for Muslims. The schools are only forContinue reading “Racism in Full View Each Day”

Blatant Examples of Mainstream Media Propaganda (and worse)

Some might designate these mainstream media headlines as support for White Supremacy and Islamophobia. . . . . The main driver of mainstream media output today is profit. Not information. Not truth. Not knowledge. Just pure profits from getting the best sales, from getting and saying anything that will appeal to the worst in ourContinue reading “Blatant Examples of Mainstream Media Propaganda (and worse)”

A Century Since Tulsa Massacre

American Civilians Bombed from the Air by American Planes It is 100 years since the terrible Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre / riot. The official Oklahoma state report says people, including some agents of government, deliberately destroyed 1,256 homes “alongwith virtually every other structure in the Greenwood district, including churches, schools, businesses, even a hospital and library.” BuckContinue reading “A Century Since Tulsa Massacre”