American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue The controversial American military institution, The Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation (WHISC) has been found to have trained 7 of the people involved in the recent assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. WHISC, formerly known as “The School of the Americas” is a military training school run by the Pentagon located within theContinue reading “American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue”

The War You Don’t See

An incredible “behind the scenes” look at how Media Propaganda shapes our World “The War You Don’t See” a documentary by John Pilger Watch this stunning documentary by Australian/UK film maker, former war correspondant, former mainstream media journalist and all round good guy, John Pilger. When you hear the comments made by senior newsContinue reading “The War You Don’t See”