UK Labour Party Changed its Leader in 2020 (anything else?)

Former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was a long time open supporter of the Palestinian people and their right to a state. At his final party conference as leader in 2019, the hall filled with Palestinian flags and speakers, indicating that there were many Labour party members with similar views. + Labour PartyContinue reading “UK Labour Party Changed its Leader in 2020 (anything else?)”

There’s NO WAR in Palestine

Is this a “war”?  There is NO war in Palestine.14-year-old Palestinian boy Faris Odeh (right) is about to be shot dead by Israeli troops because he was throwing stones at an Israeli tank in November 2000.  After this incident 21 years ago, the shock and disgust from around the world soon dissipated (as it always does) and Israel went back to illegallyContinue reading “There’s NO WAR in Palestine”

Palestine and Xinjiang : One and the Same Thing

In the short comments above, acclaimed film maker and journalist John Pilger outlines why the issues underlying the slow, inexorable genocide of the Palestinian people and the issues underlying fabricated genocide in Xinjiang, China are one and the same thing. They are both about a fading empire desparately trying to maintain their control over others.Continue reading “Palestine and Xinjiang : One and the Same Thing”

The Jews You’ve Never Heard of and Why They Support Palestine So Passionately

Tue, 25 May at 10:22 am Strictly Orthodox Jews are those traditionally dressed people you see in big American cities such as New York or praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. They are passionate supporters of the Palestinian people, and always have been. Yes, that’s right. Strictly observant Jews want the state of Israel peacefullyContinue reading “The Jews You’ve Never Heard of and Why They Support Palestine So Passionately”

Mainstream Media’s Famous Figures, Easily Manipulated?

CNN Technical Director was previously caught on tape stating only easily manipulated people ever feature on CNN – like these people maybe? A frequent guest commentator on CNN was former presidential candidate Rick Santorum – a public Zionist supporter. Santorum was recently removed as a commentator from CNN after comments he had made about the white settlementContinue reading “Mainstream Media’s Famous Figures, Easily Manipulated?”

Mainstream Media Propaganda called Out by Citizen Journalists!

. . Below is another excellent example of “citizen journalism” in action, in this case a video amde to discuss the blatant bias of mainstream media such as the BBC and CNN, on issues such as Palestine.  . . The discussion centers around the performances of three prominent mainstream media figures,  1) Ms Emily Maitlis,Continue reading “Mainstream Media Propaganda called Out by Citizen Journalists!”

President Carter Tells the Truth about Palestine

Doesn’t mince his Words Jimmy Carter truth about Israel President Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize WInner and a great friend of Israel. He also has very high moral character an promised people he would never lie to them. . Jimmy Carter truth about Israel

Is The Suffering Any Different?

. The recent collapse of a Florida condo and subsequent deaths of so many people was a terrible tragedy. It is what Palestinians and others in the Middle East have to put up with every day. What is more, the American tradedy was quite avoidable – reports had listed major issues with the building. ThereContinue reading “Is The Suffering Any Different?”

They Were Just Kids

The New York Times Vivid (& rare) Front Page in Support of Palestinians The New York Times carried a rare front page after the recent bombings of Gaza, in Palestine, in May 2021. It showed the innocent smiling faces of the 65 children killed in the Israeli military action. 50% of the 1.8 million PalestiniansContinue reading “They Were Just Kids”

A Holocaust Survivor Speaks The Truth About Palestine

“Palestine Was Never a Land Without a People” DR GABOR MATE . Dr Gabor Mate, a holocaust survivor as an infant, speaks to Russell Brand about the situation in Palestine. This is incredibly moving and thought provoking. Remember when listening that media wars, propaganda and “disinformation” (aka lies) are not a creation of the modernContinue reading “A Holocaust Survivor Speaks The Truth About Palestine”