Britain & America’s Ethnic Cleansing Ongoing Today Mauritius Prime Minister calls US & UK ‘hypocrites’ Published19 October 2020 Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has labelled the British and Americans “hypocrites” and “champions of double talk” for the way they have behaved over the Chagos Islands. Last year, a United Nations court ruled that the UK should end its control of theContinue reading “Britain & America’s Ethnic Cleansing Ongoing Today”

American Military uses More Fuel per day than most Countries!

… I guess when you have got over 700 military bases around the world, that takes alot of jets, tanks and ships to move around and shoot at stuff…. 48 millions litres worth every day ! Not many independent nations use more than that. This provides a little perspective on the domination of the worldContinue reading “American Military uses More Fuel per day than most Countries!”