American Pulitzer Prize Winner Dr Chris Hedges Speaks of USA’s Collapse.

. From my experiences talking to Americans few of them realize that their nation has, or is, an empire. American leaders will never say such things – in fact, they like to pronounce how America was founded by an anti-colonial revolution against tyranny. A rebellion against the worlds then, greatest empire – the British empire.Continue reading “American Pulitzer Prize Winner Dr Chris Hedges Speaks of USA’s Collapse.”

UK Labour Party Changed its Leader in 2020 (anything else?)

Former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was a long time open supporter of the Palestinian people and their right to a state. At his final party conference as leader in 2019, the hall filled with Palestinian flags and speakers, indicating that there were many Labour party members with similar views. + Labour PartyContinue reading “UK Labour Party Changed its Leader in 2020 (anything else?)”

Why I’m Back Near The Fence on Climate Change

Climate change. It is one of the biggest “hot button” issues of our time, maybe the biggest. I used to be a firm believer in it. Now I am not so sure. The most significant thing which has put me back near the fence came after I gave global warming some thought and did someContinue reading “Why I’m Back Near The Fence on Climate Change”

Nazi Germany’s Greatest Crime Wasn’t the Holocaust

If you asked most people what Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, greatest crime was I think most would say the holocaust. And for good reason – for that was a horror that supposedly shocked the western world when it was uncovered. Images such as the one above really make one wonder about how and whyContinue reading “Nazi Germany’s Greatest Crime Wasn’t the Holocaust”

The Dishonesty of the BBC

The once widely respected BBC, the State owned British broadcaster, has really sunk to new low levels with its various tricks and fakery to promote or dishevel, as the case may be, a person or a cause. Here are but three examples, a) “Comrade” Jeremy Corbyn. The British Labour party continues to implode due toContinue reading “The Dishonesty of the BBC”

Are YOU Able to Change Your Mind ?

Something I now realise quite clearly is that many people have a great deal of trouble changing an opinion. By “opinion”, I mean a long held view on a substantive issue, a view that you are associated with by the people who know you well. I’m not thinking of trivial things like which cafe toContinue reading “Are YOU Able to Change Your Mind ?”

Washington Post Admits Fake Quotes

Media Outlets Issues Retractions The Washington Post has published an astonishing retraction two months after a bombshell story about a phone call between then-US President Donald Trump and an elections investigator in Georgia. The newspaper reported in January that Trump had spoken to Frances Watson in December, asking her to “find the fraud” inContinue reading “Washington Post Admits Fake Quotes”

Blatant Examples of Mainstream Media Propaganda (and worse)

Some might designate these mainstream media headlines as support for White Supremacy and Islamophobia. . . . . The main driver of mainstream media output today is profit. Not information. Not truth. Not knowledge. Just pure profits from getting the best sales, from getting and saying anything that will appeal to the worst in ourContinue reading “Blatant Examples of Mainstream Media Propaganda (and worse)”

Dirty Tricks in UK Election

British Politics Now Very Dirty Last week there was a by-election in the British parliamentary electorate (similar to a Congressional District) called Batley and Spen to replace a representative (called an MP) who had resigned. The UK Labour party had won the seat for many years but its victory in this election was far fromContinue reading “Dirty Tricks in UK Election”