Are We All Addicted?

. . Many years ago I knew an old lady who my sister used to board with. She was in her seventies perhaps, quite devoted to her christian religion and had never married. The house where they lived was near to the university I was studying at and so sometimes I went there to shareContinue reading “Are We All Addicted?”

The Two Law Changes That Destroyed America’s Media: Part 2

. . Part 2 – The 1996 Telecommuncations Act. In Part 1 we saw how in 1989 President Reagan initiated substantial change in the American media market by repealing what was colloquially called, “The Fairness Doctrine.” This was a legal requirement that media organizations had to show both sides of an issue and not beContinue reading “The Two Law Changes That Destroyed America’s Media: Part 2”

Is Afghanistan Another Huge Victory for China?

. . So. Another futile effort. Another failed state. The rapid collapse of another western nation building failure in Afghanistan, has seen off another occupying empire from that nation’s soil. One wonders why it was so easy for the Taliban to take over the country – seemingly without much resistance at all. Were locals simplyContinue reading “Is Afghanistan Another Huge Victory for China?”

The Deadly “Spanish” Flu Started in America.

Another story from the mainstream media hall of shame… . . What is known to be one of most devastating pandemics in history – The Great Spanish Flu of the early 20th Century – had nothing to do with Spain at all. It is just another example – like the Iran Contra scandal that hadContinue reading “The Deadly “Spanish” Flu Started in America.”

The Two Law Changes That Destroyed America’s Media – Part 1

. Part 1 – Repeal of The Fairness Doctrine The “fairness doctrine” of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of television and radio broadcast licenses to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced. The fairness doctrine hadContinue reading “The Two Law Changes That Destroyed America’s Media – Part 1”

The Universe Explained…Properly.

. Freeing myself from the hold of the mainstream media was personal journey of about a decade. It even involved the discovery of new scientific laws as well as the application of some traditional old ones! Two of Sir Issac Newton’s laws of motion are very useful when determining why so many people are blindContinue reading “The Universe Explained…Properly.”

Racism in Full View Each Day

WHITE SUPREMACISTS RACISM IN THE BRITISH MAINSTREAM MEDIA….  “Muslims” are telling “us”, presumably those British people who wrote this headline or own this newspaper and who, presumably, are not muslim, how to run “our” schools – that is, the British schools, which this headline is saying are not for Muslims. The schools are only forContinue reading “Racism in Full View Each Day”

Charges against 9 Govt Officials include Involuntary Manslaughter in Flint Michigan, USA (From a report on 14 January, 2021). A total of nine Michigan state officials — many of whom are connected to Michigan’s 2014-15 response to a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak — were charged Thursday by the State Attorney General’s office in relation to the 2019 Flint water crisis.  For three former state of Michigan officials, the chargesContinue reading “Charges against 9 Govt Officials include Involuntary Manslaughter in Flint Michigan, USA”

CNN Director Says Mainstream Media is “Just Propaganda” Part 3

His Comments widely ignored by mainstream media – unsurprisingly. . I’m not saying the Western media are the only ones to engage in propaganda, but the West did invent modern propaganda and it is critical to understand that they use it extensively in western media presentations every day. Charlie Chester of CNN confirms this. CharlieContinue reading “CNN Director Says Mainstream Media is “Just Propaganda” Part 3″

Covid 19, What to believe?

China’s Sinovac vaccine restores a Brazilian city to near normal In the information wars that are waged every day in the global media, it is hard to know what to believe sometimes. “This vaccine is great” , “this one not so good”….. A common theme these last few years has been the incessantly negative coverageContinue reading “Covid 19, What to believe?”