The Last Decent Person in Washington?

. President Jimmy Carter speaks to the American people about themselves, their culture and the crisis of confidence of the nation, in 1979. (4 mins) . Above are a few minutes of TRUTH that was delivered by US President Jimmy Carter in 1979, 42 years ago. Carter’s full speech (33 mins) can be seen onlineContinue reading “The Last Decent Person in Washington?”

President Carter Calls His Own Country “Most Warlike in History”

Comments made in Discussions on China with President Trump The Whitehouse confirmed the conversation President Trump Called Former President Jimmy Carter To Talk About China Trump told Carter that he is particularly concerned about how China is “getting ahead of us.” Carter said he agreed. “And do you know why?” Carter said. “I normalized diplomatic relationsContinue reading “President Carter Calls His Own Country “Most Warlike in History””