Iran’s Leaders Smile Alot – You’d Never Know it from the Wall St Media

. When most westerners think of Iran’s leaders they probably think of old black and white pictures featuring surly and unsmiling faces dressed in traditional costume. Words that might come to mind include, Inflexible, Extreme, Dogmatic, Gruff…. you get the picture…..they are an unpleasant lot over there in Iran. Having met a few Iranians duringContinue reading “Iran’s Leaders Smile Alot – You’d Never Know it from the Wall St Media”

Another US Atrocity – Shooting Down Iran Air Flight 655

. . On July 3, 1988 the American military launched an unprovoked missile attack on a fully laden and defenceless Iranian civilian airliner, which was flying within its normal civilian airspace, on its routine flightpath, and emitting all the required electronic signals to be recognized as a civilian aircraft.  The state of the art USS Vincennes WarshipContinue reading “Another US Atrocity – Shooting Down Iran Air Flight 655”

Female Pilots in Iran Have Taken To The Sky

. . Iran is a much more open and modern society than many western people realize. I haven’t been there, but from watching some of the travel blogs of the many young westerners who have journeyed to this ancient land, it would seem Iranians are one of the most warm and generous peoples anywhere.Continue reading “Female Pilots in Iran Have Taken To The Sky”

The Third Time Iran was Invaded – & The MOST DEADLY Yet.

The oldest Iranians alive today would still remember voting for their country’s original “supreme leader” – their democratically elected Prime Minister – back in the 1950s. Iran’s democracy and the Iranian people’s right to elect their leader in free and fair democratic elections was taken away at gunpoint by the USA/UK coup in 1953, organizedContinue reading “The Third Time Iran was Invaded – & The MOST DEADLY Yet.”

Iran’s Recent History: 1979 Revolution – Their Second

The memories of the great Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1896 – and the democracy and liberties which sprang from it – never really died amongst Iran’s people, even after their Democratic Constitution of 1906 was secretly destroyed by the United States and Britain in 1953 (see an earlier post). By the 1970s, “people power” inContinue reading “Iran’s Recent History: 1979 Revolution – Their Second”

Is Iran’s Democracy So Different to Ours?

. . The Iranian people got to experience a strong and vibrant democracy from 1907 – 1953, before their country was plunged back into dictatorship by the 1953 coup instigated by the USA & UK. During these five decades of real democracy in Iran, the people enjoyed systems of government very similar to that weContinue reading “Is Iran’s Democracy So Different to Ours?”

Iran and Its Real (Stolen) Democracy 1907 – 1953

Most older people know of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 which deposed the Royal Shah of Iran and installed Ayatollah Khomeini as Iran’s leader. Much was made of the resulting 444 day long hostage crisis, which saw Iranian students illegally enter the American embassy and take hostages. Iran was painted very negatively in the westernContinue reading “Iran and Its Real (Stolen) Democracy 1907 – 1953”

Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?

The President of Iran, the entire Iranian Parliament, as well as the Leaders of every city, town and village across Iran, are chosen by democratic elections in this country of over 80 million people. There is much enthusiasm in Iran’s elections, Supporters of Iranian political parties rally enthusiastically in 2017.  Note that many women’s hair is clearly visible, the scarves being merely token. The ladies areContinue reading “Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?”

Iran’s Nuclear Program : There are No Weapons there either

Sorting Fact from Propaganda … “There is little doubt that even before the JCPOA deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms.” 2019 quote from the Trump whitehouse – will Biden’s attitude be any better ? For many years, one of the most targeted nations for western propaganda has been the ancient nation of Iran, orContinue reading “Iran’s Nuclear Program : There are No Weapons there either”

Media Censorship by the USA and China

US government ‘SEIZES’ website of Iran’s Press TV, two other media outletsUS government ‘SEIZES’ website of Iran’s Press TV, two other media outletsUS authorities have apparently seized the web domains of Iran’s international media outlets Press TV and Al-Alam, along with the Yemeni TV channel Al Masirah, run by the Houthi faction, and an IraqiContinue reading “Media Censorship by the USA and China”