Are Human Rights Organizations Real?

. I’ve done a bit of research on Amnesty International recently. I didn’t really know anything about it or any of the many other organizations out there other than what might be generally gleaned from the public chatter and the image that is self generated by them. What I found is not really encouraging withContinue reading “Are Human Rights Organizations Real?”

Ross Kemp, UK TV Star – “Why is the World Ignoring the Libyan Slave Trade?”

Slave Trade Only Came After the West Overthrew Gadaffi’s Government . Ross Kemp, the well known British actor visited Libya to see the destruction that his own country had caused in Libya for himself. He comments, “What I saw there is nothing short of a modern-day slave trade, with migrants treated as commodities….women toldContinue reading “Ross Kemp, UK TV Star – “Why is the World Ignoring the Libyan Slave Trade?””

The First Democratically Elected American President was…

This Guy in 1968 ! Richard Milhous Nixon When did America become a democracy? And therefore, who was the first democratically elected President? It is much later than you might think! America, declaring independence in 1776, wasn’t technically a fully participatory democracy until 1965. This was the year that Congress passed the Voting RIghts Act,Continue reading “The First Democratically Elected American President was…”