Being President is Like Walking a Dog

. . Foot and Paw Prints in the Sand – What have they to do with being a nation’s leader? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “he’s most powerful man in the world” thousands of times with regards to the President of the United States. I sure have. I used to believe it actually. IContinue reading “Being President is Like Walking a Dog”

American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue The controversial American military institution, The Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation (WHISC) has been found to have trained 7 of the people involved in the recent assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. WHISC, formerly known as “The School of the Americas” is a military training school run by the Pentagon located within theContinue reading “American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue”

Martin Luther King, 1967: “America is Too Arrogant.”

. . . Martin Luther King was an amazing man who preached peace and led by example. His courage in taking public stands against the American invasion of Vietnam, where 56,000 Americans died and milions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laosians were killed, was a testimony to such courage. He suffered beatings, government harrassment and surveillance,Continue reading “Martin Luther King, 1967: “America is Too Arrogant.””

JFK Assassination Story was Always Full of Holes

. New movie by Oliver Stone ensures this crime will never be forgotten. The US government story on the Kennedy assassination(s) was always full of holes and inconsistencies. Oliver Stone keeps the discussion alive. No President will ever release the truth. They know they might be next in the firing line if they do.Continue reading “JFK Assassination Story was Always Full of Holes”