The American Constitution Enshrined Blacks as “3/5th of a Person.”

. . The US Constitution is often held aloft as a hallowed document to which everyone else in the universe should strive to copy and emulate. Nobody holds this document higher than the American people themselves, who often speak in hushed tones of reverence about it. Is it a holy document? Perhaps few people have actuallyContinue reading “The American Constitution Enshrined Blacks as “3/5th of a Person.””

US President Sanders’ Second Term

“President Sanders today announces new bill to Congress to limit war making powers of the United States.” WOW – if only this were true. Bernie Sanders IS WORKING on this new just announced bill, but just as a Senator, not the President. The United States and the world should be enjoying the second term ofContinue reading “US President Sanders’ Second Term”

A Century Since Tulsa Massacre

American Civilians Bombed from the Air by American Planes It is 100 years since the terrible Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre / riot. The official Oklahoma state report says people, including some agents of government, deliberately destroyed 1,256 homes “alongwith virtually every other structure in the Greenwood district, including churches, schools, businesses, even a hospital and library.” BuckContinue reading “A Century Since Tulsa Massacre”

US Man on Parole could face 40 years in prison, because he voted!

Voter Disenfranchisement is US Historical Issue A man hailed by mainstream media outlets for standing in line for six hours to cast his ballot in last year’s Democratic primary has been arrested for voting illegally. He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. Hervis Rogers, 62, was a felon on parole atContinue reading “US Man on Parole could face 40 years in prison, because he voted!”