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American Sanctions Kill over 100,000 Innocent Venezeulans Needlessly (so far)

The American government’s sanctions death toll in Venezuela has reached over 100,000 poor innocent men, women and children (so far). 

Sanctions have been called a form of warfare – they are designed to kill. Not to kill quickly, as in conventional wars, but to kill slowly…death by eventual strangulation.

Sanctions by powerful countries – the USA being the most powerful – prevent the governments of nations from going about their lawful daily business of providing for their people.

For example – when a hospital in Venezeula runs out of antibiotics or an x ray machine breaks down, normally the hospital will simply buy a new part or purchase new supplies from a local business that supplies these things. Similarly, with food. You run out, you buy more right?

Wrong. Sanctioned countries like Venezeula are prevented from doing such simple and vital business dealings with the rest of the world because the international western companies that governments normally do business with when maintaining their infrastructure, will be boycotted by the huge US banks if they do business with the sanctioned country. US banks are extremely powerful and no company wants to be sanctioned by them either. So, many companies refuse to deal with sanctioned countries. As a result, the sanctioned countries can not buy enough medicenes, enough food, enough spare parts etc to keep their clean water supplies flowing, enough lubricants and chemicals to keep their sanitation systems working properly, etc, and etc.

In other words, sanctions often prevent a country from functioning normally. Many otherwise healthy people die for entirely preventable reasons and the quality of life overalls suffers greatly. People get sick more often and die from simple causes such as unclean water.

After many years of this suffering, people will get restless and angry and they’ll often direct their anger at their government, which often has few options to overcome the sanctions and the people’s suffering. This can result in widespread protests and chaos, and in some cases, revolution. Revolution is often the end goal of the whole process. That is, removing an independently minded government of a nation and steering events in a way to replace it with a new leader and new government, more in tune with the requirements of the nation applying the sanctions.

Venezeula has been very hard hit by sanctions. Even its substantial Gold deposits held in UK banks – which could have been sold or bartered to get around its sanctions – were seized by the UK government and a long running court case by the Venezeulan government is unfolding in order to get this gold back.

Western media and governments will tell you that essential supplies like food and medicenes are always exempt from their sanctions – which is true, techically.

Although foods and medicenes are exempt from sanctions, governments and companies under sanction still have to buy and pay for these essential supplies via the international financial system which is where the problem lies. Unlike the supply companies in question, the banks needed to transfer the required funds ARE often under sanction. So essentially, the result is the same. Venezeula is unable to supply its people with essential items and so Venezeulans are dieing every day for no reason, other than western politics.

No government is perfect and some of the problems have been caused by Venezeuan government itself. However, it is clear that sanctions are making it impossible for the govt to improve the situation, however much they try. And importantly, the current government in Venezeula and its President, Nicholas Maduro WERE democratically elected in free and fair elections.

Many countries have had the same treatment. As former President Richard Nixon said to his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissenger in the 1960 & 70’s,

“Make it scream Henry!”, it being the economy of Chile, and “scream” Chile did as a result of it being strangled by sanctions. Amid the ensuing chaos, the democratically elected leader of Chile was replaced with a more western friendly dictator, and thousands of people in Chile were killed and tortured as a result.

There are 26 other sovereign nations (at last count) victimised by unilateral United States Sanctions in this manner. 

China’s Sinovac vaccine restores a Brazilian city to near normal

In the information wars that are waged every day in the global media, it is hard to know what to believe sometimes.

“This vaccine is great” , “this one not so good”….. A common theme these last few years has been the incessantly negative coverage of both Russia (“they stole our election!”) and China (“they stole our jobs!”)

But here is an AP News article which didn’t get much attention – maybe because it is something positive about China. It seems in a small Brazilian city of 46,000, which was suffering greatly under the symptoms of Covid 19, everyone got the China vaccine and now…..the city is now back to normal.

Could it be our media paint false pictures in our minds?

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