Must See Documentaries!

These are Highly Informative.

You will Be Amazed. Hopefully, a little angry.

The War You Don’t See – 2010

This is about the Propaganda Wars that are just as lethal as any shooting one. There is not much gory stuff in it. Mostly sheepish admissions by mainstream media UK and USA journalists about their previously highly gullable states of mind, in particular, in the promotion of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Inside Job – 2010

A shocking look at how the Wall St people who caused the 2007/08 global financial crisis, are the SAME people who are tasked, under the Federal Reserve Act 1913, of deciding to bail themselves out. The foxes run the hen house !

The Spider’s Web – 2017

Truely shocking information here. You need to view several times to take it all in.

How the world is really run and one reason why Julian Assange is in prison.

How people “in the know” pay no tax, banks launder money, governments help them and everyone else is clueless.

The United States of Amnesia : Gore Vidal – 2013

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