These Were in My Twitter Feed This Morning – Cooking and US Meddling

. Ben’s second paragraph reads, “I can name dozens of average Nicaraguans whose accounts were suspended. I am here (in Nicaragua) and I know them personally. They are average people who simply support the Sandinistas (government).” … In my twitter feed this morning were consecutive posts from CNN giant Jake Tapper and the relatively unknownContinue reading “These Were in My Twitter Feed This Morning – Cooking and US Meddling”

America’s Other (Much Worse) 9/11

That eleventh day in September was not the first day of infamy involving Washington and a destructive attack on a foreign power. September 11, 1973 was the day when military forces in Chile, under the command of General Augusto Pinochet supposedly committed treason by attacking the Presidential Palace in Santiago with bombs and troops, seizingContinue reading “America’s Other (Much Worse) 9/11”

How Media Frame Things in Your Head With Careful Use of Words

Words are a major building block of life. They are what we use to describe things. A major part of the way we communicate. How we learn. But the problem with words is that they can be lies as well. And cause misunderstandings, especially in English, which is a language more prone to misunderstandings thanContinue reading “How Media Frame Things in Your Head With Careful Use of Words”

American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue The controversial American military institution, The Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation (WHISC) has been found to have trained 7 of the people involved in the recent assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. WHISC, formerly known as “The School of the Americas” is a military training school run by the Pentagon located within theContinue reading “American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue”

Washington Overthrows Democratic Leader of Guatemala.

In 1954, the democratically elected leader of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown by a President Eisenhower approved CIA coup Many of Eisenhower’s administration had shares in, were employed by or had other links to The American Fruit Company, a giant corporation who profits were threatened by President Arbenz’s land reforms in Guatamala. The landContinue reading “Washington Overthrows Democratic Leader of Guatemala.”

Why Do American Plans for Haiti Keep Failing? Haiti’s poverty and chaos has been shaped by Washington for many decades. If the book about American plans and interventions in Haiti is ever written it will be a very big book indeed. The relationship between these two nations – one immensely large and powerful, the other tiny and weak – has been fraughtContinue reading “Why Do American Plans for Haiti Keep Failing?”

America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula

The Death Toll in Venezeuala reaches 100,000 now. Where is the media? . The American government’s sanctions death toll in Venezuela has reached over 100,000 poor innocent men, women and children (so far).  Sanctions have been called a form of warfare – they are designed to kill. Not to kill quickly, as in conventional wars,Continue reading “America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula”

Covid 19, What to believe?

China’s Sinovac vaccine restores a Brazilian city to near normal In the information wars that are waged every day in the global media, it is hard to know what to believe sometimes. “This vaccine is great” , “this one not so good”….. A common theme these last few years has been the incessantly negative coverageContinue reading “Covid 19, What to believe?”