The War You Don’t See

An incredible “behind the scenes” look at how Media Propaganda shapes our World “The War You Don’t See” a documentary by John Pilger Watch this stunning documentary by Australian/UK film maker, former war correspondant, former mainstream media journalist and all round good guy, John Pilger. When you hear the comments made by senior newsContinue reading “The War You Don’t See”

“To Hell With Spain – Remember the Maine!”

American Navy ship USS Maine sinks whilst anchored in Havana Harbor, Cuba in 1898. Many Wars Follow. sinking was an accident, not an attack On the 15 February 1898, there was an explosion on board the US Battleship Maine while it was in the Havana Harbor, Cuba. Newspapers owned by William Randolph Hearst immediately blamedContinue reading ““To Hell With Spain – Remember the Maine!””

American Military uses More Fuel per day than most Countries!

… I guess when you have got over 700 military bases around the world, that takes alot of jets, tanks and ships to move around and shoot at stuff…. 48 millions litres worth every day ! Not many independent nations use more than that. This provides a little perspective on the domination of the worldContinue reading “American Military uses More Fuel per day than most Countries!”

JFK Assassination Story was Always Full of Holes

. New movie by Oliver Stone ensures this crime will never be forgotten. The US government story on the Kennedy assassination(s) was always full of holes and inconsistencies. Oliver Stone keeps the discussion alive. No President will ever release the truth. They know they might be next in the firing line if they do.Continue reading “JFK Assassination Story was Always Full of Holes”

A Century Since Tulsa Massacre

American Civilians Bombed from the Air by American Planes It is 100 years since the terrible Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre / riot. The official Oklahoma state report says people, including some agents of government, deliberately destroyed 1,256 homes “alongwith virtually every other structure in the Greenwood district, including churches, schools, businesses, even a hospital and library.” BuckContinue reading “A Century Since Tulsa Massacre”

Downtown Libya Sells Slaves Now

The Silent Debacle in Libya Continues Ten Years After Another Awful Western Invasion. One of the Obama administrations most terrible acts was the support it gave to the overthrow of Colonel Gadaffi, President of Libya. The UK and France also participated in the violent removal and destabilization of Libya. Quite unbelievably, Obama’s former AmbassadorContinue reading “Downtown Libya Sells Slaves Now”

A Tale of Two Massacres: One Supported by the West, One Not.

. Most of us know what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The date is not missed each year around the world, which is only right and proper to remember the victims and the tragedy. Our media here always mark the date with some “shocking new tale” of some sort. However, probably no one inContinue reading “A Tale of Two Massacres: One Supported by the West, One Not.”

American Landmines in Vietnam Kill 50,000 Since War Ended.

Public awareness campaigns try to educate young people about the dangers Shouldn’t nations that destabilize and create long lasting dangers in other countries have to pay some sort of compensation ? Clearly, the United States and its allies don’t think so. Victims of Wars never stop suffering even when the occupying forces leave. Even whenContinue reading “American Landmines in Vietnam Kill 50,000 Since War Ended.”

America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula

The Death Toll in Venezeuala reaches 100,000 now. Where is the media? . The American government’s sanctions death toll in Venezuela has reached over 100,000 poor innocent men, women and children (so far).  Sanctions have been called a form of warfare – they are designed to kill. Not to kill quickly, as in conventional wars,Continue reading “America’s Deadly Sanctions Kill 100,000 Innocent Civilians in Venezeula”

They Were Just Kids

The New York Times Vivid (& rare) Front Page in Support of Palestinians The New York Times carried a rare front page after the recent bombings of Gaza, in Palestine, in May 2021. It showed the innocent smiling faces of the 65 children killed in the Israeli military action. 50% of the 1.8 million PalestiniansContinue reading “They Were Just Kids”

A Holocaust Survivor Speaks The Truth About Palestine

“Palestine Was Never a Land Without a People” DR GABOR MATE . Dr Gabor Mate, a holocaust survivor as an infant, speaks to Russell Brand about the situation in Palestine. This is incredibly moving and thought provoking. Remember when listening that media wars, propaganda and “disinformation” (aka lies) are not a creation of the modernContinue reading “A Holocaust Survivor Speaks The Truth About Palestine”

Covid 19, What to believe?

China’s Sinovac vaccine restores a Brazilian city to near normal In the information wars that are waged every day in the global media, it is hard to know what to believe sometimes. “This vaccine is great” , “this one not so good”….. A common theme these last few years has been the incessantly negative coverageContinue reading “Covid 19, What to believe?”

Watch Terrorism in Xinjiang

Short video : Contains scenes of graphic violence . Once again, the western media have all but ignored or downplayed the seriousness of Islamic extremism in Xinjiang, China. The Chinese government has bought the situation under control. They didn’t invade and substantially damage multiple countries, like other nations do – they didn’t need to, asContinue reading “Watch Terrorism in Xinjiang”

US Man on Parole could face 40 years in prison, because he voted!

Voter Disenfranchisement is US Historical Issue A man hailed by mainstream media outlets for standing in line for six hours to cast his ballot in last year’s Democratic primary has been arrested for voting illegally. He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. Hervis Rogers, 62, was a felon on parole atContinue reading “US Man on Parole could face 40 years in prison, because he voted!”

USA Genocide Finally talked about

Mass killing of American children follows on from recent Canadian discoveries People across North America — and beyond — have watched in horror as the remains of over 1000 young people have been found in Canada at “residential schools” at just three former school sites. More than 130 sites have yet to be examined.Continue reading “USA Genocide Finally talked about”