It is an inescapable fact that the dominance of global power currently resides in United States of America. Therefore this is where the focus of all questions of global affairs needs to begin. The USA is involved in everything to some degree and at some level.

The USA has the most powerful global military, (possibly in history) the most powerful global financial institutions, the most powerful global media organizations, it invented the global Public Relations (PR) industry – a key creator of propaganda – and it is the seat of world’s sole global diplomatic organization, the United Nations. All of these institutions, alone and together, wield unprecedented power and control of the world. Control of the world that no other nation is currently capable of.

What is even more remarkable is that America’s unprecedented global power and control is seemingly invisible to most people, Americans included. This is the power of the media. Few Americans would consider themselves as an Empire but I believe the American empire is the most powerful in history.

This site might seem to be overly critical of America and to a lessor extent, the West in general, or it might seem to be a little pro-China. But it is not intended to be either of these things. My goal is to reach ordinary people and present a different side to today’s and history’s issues. A side of history that the western media and governments refuse to talk about and about which they commonly lie.

I have travelled to many parts of America also and have good friends there. It seems to be a place of slowly evaporating optimism as ever increasing burdens of the reality of life are discovered. I’ve had a career in an excellent American multi-national corporation for over 2 decades. And I’ve lived in and travelled throughout Asia for 7 years.

I have visited China, and the progress made in improving people’s lives there these last decades is beyond the comprehension of most people I believe. Even as a visitor, one misses much of the behind the scenes progress.

Western officials and their media almost exclusively ignore China’s historically unprecedented improvements to its citizen’s lives and relentlessly persue a negative narrative for reasons unknown, although envy might play a part.

There is always a great media focus in the West on the failings of non-western nations with a commensurate media inattention with regards to western failings. The site won’t be focussing on the achievements and attributes of the USA, nor will it focus on the failings of non-western nations, as the relentless highlighting of these has been the role of countless other people and organizations for generations… right up to the present day.

This site is simply a snow flake attempting to right this perceived imbalance.

Events are changing. There is a “pivot to Asia” in progress. Hopefully, the changes that will result in the 21st century being “Asia’s century” can be accomplished peacefully.

As part of a peaceful pivot to Asia, it’s necessary to shine a light on this current American empire with free, open and respectful discussions. For we can only know and enjoy the future together if we understand the present.

This site is not intended to show full or extensive coverage on any issue, just a small summary on things, some of which you may not know about. The issues and events listed here are all real, but my honest and sincere interpretation may be different to someone else’s. It is also a non-political site. I have been active in local politics, but now realize that politics is irrelevent today. One side is no better or worse than the other. Politics is just a circus show – literally. It is entertainment you are paying for but which leaves you with very little.

Readers should always do their own research and make their own conclusions on any issue.

Thanks for being here. Please share a post with a friend if you find it interesting.

Please leave a comment or feedback on how to improve the site.

Have your say. Be kind.

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