CIA Propaganda Veteran Speaks in 1983, “Global Media Propaganda is a Major function of the CIA.”


An Empire in Decline disseminates global propaganda ever more urgently


In this short video clip, former CIA operative, Major John Stockwell, speaks about his 13 years at the CIA.

“…. the CIA disseminates propaganda (via the mainstream media), to influence people’s minds….global propaganda is a major function of the CIA.”

“We got the confidence of media reporters by firstly giving them true stories to circulate. After we got their confidence, every fifth story we gave them was totally false. Made up. Just propaganda”



Major John Stockwell left the CIA after deciding that what they were doing was endangering national security not protecting it. Stockwell became a critic of United States government policies after serving seven tours of duty over thirteen years.

As a Marine, Stockwell was a CIA paramilitary intelligence case officer in three wars: the Congo Crisis, the Vietnam War, and the Angolan War of Independence.

He was awarded the CIA Intelligence Medal of Merit for keeping his post open until the last days of the fall of Saigon, Vietnam in 1975. Major Stockwell managed the secret American involvement in the Angolan Civil War, after which, in December 1976, he resigned from the CIA, citing deep concerns for the methods and results of CIA paramilitary operations.

Stockwell testified before Congressional committees in Washington of his concerns and personal experiences.

He claimed that the CIA was counterproductive to national security, and that its “secret wars” provided no benefit for the United States. The CIA, for example, had singled out the MPLA to be an “enemy” in Angola despite the fact that the MPLA wanted good relations with the United States and had not committed a single act of aggression against the United States.

In 1978 Major Stockwell appeared on the American television program 60 Minutes, claiming that CIA Director William Colby and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger had both systematically lied to Congress about the CIA’s operations.

However such powerful people as Colby and Kissenger are part of the western elites who go to great lengths to protect each other and the puppet politicians they control. The systems of the elites have been almost water tight until now. But things are slowly changing.

After such nasty revelations emerged about the CIA as expoused by heros like John Stockwell, global propaganda operations have been taken over by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) created in 1983 by President Reagan for the expressed purpose of creating and spreading the totally false global propaganda of the United States.

The subversionist and false propaganda of the Washington based NED can be seen right up to this very day in your newspapers and on your TV & phone screens, as the USA openly supports troublemakers in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, Ukraine, Venezeula, Syria, South and Latin America, Africa and many more dozens of nations and regions wracked by troubles. Troubles often created, and certainly worsened by Washington’s secret meddling.

Of course, none of this propaganda operation would be possible without the clear and ongoing support of today’s western mainstream media, based in the USA.

Sickening front page articles – as seen below – propaganda of the worst kind from the Washington Post and the New York Times, demonstrate clearly that America’s most respected media outlets are definitely “in” on the USA’s global propaganda scams.

“WARS MAKE US SAFER AND RICHER” says the Washington Post.

AFGHANISTAN WAS A MERCIFUL WAR” says the New York Times ( written even before that invasion quickly became much nastier and staggered on for two full decades)

Todays’ utterly repulsive journalism in America. It really is an enemy of the people.

So next time you see an article or hear a comment about Uighur Genocide, Syrian government chemical weapons attacks, freedom protests in Hong Kong, Russian aggression in Ukraine, Venezeulan dictators or any accusation coming from a western politician or media source, please stop and remember the words of CIA veteran Major John Stockwell.

Global propaganda & secret wars are major functions of the CIA & NED.”

CIA Veteran Major John Stockwell

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