Australia’s Genocidal Shame Continues to Grow, Even Today.


Stolen Australian Children

Some people will have heard of the “Stolen Generations” and its devastating impact upon the indigenous people of Australia – The Aborgines and Torres Straight Islanders.


The Stolen Generations refers to a long period in Australia’s recent history where Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families by sucessive Australian governments for generations in order to assimilate them into white society. This brutal government policy of enforced separation was officially administered for over 120 years, from the mid-1800s right through to the 1970s.

Stolen Generations

The stolen children were not orphans nor were they lost at all. They had loving families and they had homes. But they were forcibly removed by white Australian governments and found new places to live as white people.

This was clearly an act of genocide.

The aboriginal children lost their roots, their language and their culture. It was a devastating blow for their identity.

After decades of growing awareness concerning the tragic injustices suffered by Australia’s First peoples, on 13 February 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd moved a motion of “Apology to Indigenous Australians” in the Australian parliament. It was formal recognition of and an apology on behalf of successive Australian governments, for government policies and laws which had “inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians”.

Kevin Rudd’s apology was at least formal recognition for the pain and suffering that Australia’s first inhabitants had suffered for over a century at the hands of their white colonizers.

So there is at least some perhaps small public awareness of these “stolen generations” of Australians.

But the apology was controversial with modern Australia’s longest serving leader, and great supporter of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, John Howard, firmly against the apology. No doubt many agree with Howard.

But at least the apology was given.

Few people know about another equally insidious and inquitious Australian government policy that has also inflicted great harm across many generations of the First Australians. This was the policy called the “Aboriginal Exemption”.

It is another painful chapter in Australia’s history that is marked by secrecy, loss and hardship and one which still remains largely unknown today.

Australia’s first peoples, inhabiting the continent for perhaps 50,000 years, were granted certain “freedoms” by the Australian government if they applied for and were granted a “General Certificate of Exemption.”

Before 1967, most First Nations Australians were classed as wards of the state and lived on reserves or ‘missions’. One way to escape this racial and societal oppression was to apply for “exemption” from the government to live “independently”.

A typical exemption certificate from 1951 is shown below, with content enlarged for easier viewing.

The bearer of this certificate was allowed to to walk freely about the town without being arrested and enjoyed the benefit of entering shops or hotels. The holder might still not be served though. This was at the discretion of the shop owner – probably a white immigrant to their ancient lands.



“This is your chance to be free of the Aborigines Protection Act and live like a white man” the certificate said.

“If all conditions are met…you may also be eligible to live in town unsupervised.”

But there were conditions to these great freedoms which were still being granted by Australian governments right up until the 1970s.

No Aborigine was allowed to talk to, or associate with any other, even including your own friends and family.

Imagine the heartbreak of walking past family members in public and ignoring them as if they were complete strangers? Exemption meant not associating with other Aboriginal people in public.

Other conditions included mandatory English speaking and maintaining a clean home.

Imagine the despair, if you knew family elders who had been imprisoned for speaking the language of your ancestors? Exemption meant only speaking in English was permitted by the government.

Imagine the fear of a police officer knocking at your door at any time to check the cleanliness of your kitchen? Exemption meant always being ‘Clean, Clad and Courteous’.

Exemption promised everyday freedoms and choices, including access to education, health services, housing, employment, and public venues such as swimming pools and pubs. It kept children safely away from the welfare and a repeat of the “stolen generations”.

Achieving and maintaining exemption varied from state to state, but it was difficult everywhere, and very far from just.

And the exemption was just a government policy remember. A piece of paper. It did nothing to change the racism and ignorance that sady still makes up a part of Australian culture even today in the twenty first century.

This is Australia – a very white nation with a very recent past of a long running genocide and extensive human rights abuses of its own people.

Stealing perfectly normal and healthy children from their loving families and granting its indigenous populations formal government permission to walk freely down the street or enter a shop without legal challenge are the actions of a nation that criticises human rights in China. Australia is a nation that talks loudly about genocide of the Uighurs in China even though there is scant evidence of that.

Unlike in China, claims of Genocide in Australia (like Canada & the USA) don’t need evidence to prove their veracity – Genocide was official government policy for over a century in Australia. There are mountains of official government records everywhere to see it for yourself.

If only people globally can start to know and understand that this genocidal shame of Australia (like Canada & the USA) has been hidden for so long.

These “new world”, “white” nations are the VERY LAST people who should be judging and lecturing other nations on human rights abuses. They are some of the biggest perpetraitors of human rights abuse in modern times. And they have worked hard to keep these abuses hidden.

But times are changing.

Turn off the mainstream media and find out for yourself.

What further shameful episodes might we uncover?

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