Xinjiang & Kazakstan at the Heart of China’s “Belt and Road Initiatve.”



Anyone can be an expert on global affairs today. Just by looking at maps.

China’s Belt and Road Initiatve (BRI) is a decades long, multi trillion dollar investment program to create much needed infrastructure along the long neglected old silk road trade routes to Europe from East Asia.

It was first announced by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and it has progressed steadily since then with nearly 140 nations of the world signing up, including western nations in Europe and the south Pacific, such as Italy and New Zealand. The BRI currently covers all continents except North America. Predictably, the AUKUS nations and most of the EU are not members as yet.

With the steady decline of American society and its international influence and standing, China’s alternative model of international co-operation and respect stands well placed to provide global leadership in the 21st century. Not by bombs, not by sanctions or other financial weapons, not by support of terrorism – these are all the hallmarks of American and EU conduct of international affairs.

America’s appallingly destructive record of nation killing, over the last 2 decades in particular is finally ensuring that its place as the self declared “leader of the world” is slipping away – and not a day too soon.

There is no nation with a worse record on human rights – both at home and internationally – than the United States. Global citizens are now realizing this as they see through the fake global media which is controlled by the USA and UK.

The accomplishments of China in the same recent era stand as the antithesis of everything the Unoted States has done. Through the BRI, China is helping long ignored nations help themselves to develop their society and people. China is creating the infrastructure that the USA spends trillions of dollars on destroying.

This makes China, and its BRI, a huge threat to the hegemony and global control that the USA and UK have enjoyed for centuries. These efforts of China MUST therefore, be thwarted!

We’ve already seen America’s efforts at destabilizing China from within. American backed rioters and thugs were well trained and supplied in Hong Kong. That effort failed. The American created nonense that Uighurs in Xinjiang are subjected to genocide will be a similar failure. These claims are evidence free – which is quite normal these days.

Perhaps more serious is the issue of the province of Taiwan. There is no significant nation on earth, not the the USA or UK or any in the EU or even the United Nations, that recognises Taiwan as an independent nation. Even the Constutution of Taiwan makes reference to itself as the province of China. However, the United States will undoubtedly continue to make trouble here in order to weaken and/or destabilize China.

And today, we see China’s neighbour Kazakstan as the latest hot point of American created terrorism. That effort to destabilize China (& Russia) and its BRI will also end in failure, as China’s initiatives are well supported by the nations who sign up to it and by their long suffering people.

These US led disruptions to China and its BRI (trade wars, sanctions and nonsense claims of genocide) may slow the rise in living standards of hundreds of millions of people in eastern Europe, central Asia and Africa, but it won’t affect the long term outcomes.

Put very simply – the United States is on the wrong side of history. China is on the correct side. The rate of progress each nation makes may change sometimes, but the respective directions are unalterable.

China is, by and large, organizing itself and its society by focussing upon peaceful, mutually beneficial and well thought out outcomes. China and its friends will continue to prosper.

The United States and Britain are doing the complete opposite. In these nations, powerful elites are becoming ever more rich and powerful. They’re shooting off into space in their private spaceships. Whilst the plight of the remaining 99.9% of Americans continues to slide ever more downwards. Becoming ever more violent. Becoming ever more desparate.

With luck, American society will become so unstable that it will require the full attention of its government and their elite backers. This will leave the rest of the world to get on with their own business, and probably in some way or another involving peaceful and respectful interactions with China.

So, next time you hear about any type of violence in the world, find a map of China’s latest Belt and Road infrastructure projects, and it’s almost certain the two phenomenon will overlap.

And Voila! You’re an international global affairs expert.

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