Omer Kanat, a Uyghur leader, Tells the Truth

He has no idea about Uighur camps actually

Omer Kanat – a Uighur “human rights” leader


He was a leader in the US funded World Uyghur Congress (WUC) when interviewed below by private media,

Omer Kanat was interviewed the by The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal (right) in 2019 near the start of the huge anti-China campaign launched by America.

Mr Kanant was asked how he knew that 1 million Uyghurs were being held in camps in Xinjiang?

He answered, that his organization that he led at the time – World Uighur Congress -which is mostly funded by the American government and private western weapons industry businesses, got their information from the “western media”.

The WUC didn’t get this vital information from direct informants in China, nor from secret investigations, nor did they get their information from intelligence operations….they got their information from reading western media sources!

You know, just like you and I do!

This is a startling admission, as Mr Kanat and the various Uyghur organizations he has been a leader in (the WUC, Radio Free Asia, Uyghur Human Rights Project) have been quoted AT GREAT LENGTH in the western media, due to all of these organizations being the sources of the media’s stories. But Mr Kanat is actually saying is that they don’t have their own sources on Uighur camps – they just read it in a newspaper.

Huh? What is he really saying?

Which is it? They can’t both be true.

How can the media endlessly quote the World Uighur Congress as a reputable source of information when the WUC themselves are saying they don’t know anything about Uigurs – they only got their information from the western media, media that supposedly got the information from Mr Kanat and the WUC in the first place??

Does anyone actually know anything about Uyghurs in these camps? It appears not.

By the way, the organizations listed above that Mr Omer Kanat has worked for are all mostly funded by the American government.

The interview with Omer Kanat is part of some excellent investigative journalism found in this short video,

Omer Kanat Speaks at 14m 20 sec about Uighurs.

Fast forward to 14m 20s to hear Mr Kanat admit, in utter farce, where he sources his claims of Uighur camp numbers from. The western media.

You might like to listen to the whole short video to get an idea of how the USA constantly interferes in many, many sovereign nations around the world, changing governments they don’t approve of, destabilizing nations they don’t like and how today, they do this quite openly and mostly, with impunity.

So the next time you see or read anything in the Wall St media, just remember how that same western media reports to you on Xinjiang and Uighur camps – totally falsely. Or any other nation. Or on any subject at all – foreign or domestic.

It is all propaganda.

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