You Can’t Ever Go Back.


I always liked the first “The Matrix” movie, seeing it at just about the same time my “awakening” to western propaganda began.

The idea of taking a red pill or a blue pill was a simple but effective way of inserting an idea into your mind. The red pill gives you the opportunity to learn significant and potentially highly unsettling things about your world. If you wanted to pass, you took the blue pill and continued on your unbothered way through a safe, comfortable, and probably unremarkable, highly controlled life.

It seems I have taken a red pill somewhere along the way. I’m not exactly sure when the actual swallow occured, but my outlook today is quite different to what it used to be a few years ago…

Growing up in safe and comfortable middle class in New Zealand I just sat in front of the television news each night to be “informed” and read without fail, the huge weekend newspaper, just as my parents had done, for the same reason. This was my actual adult education, although school had taught us how much of the world was coloured pink/red, denoting the lands colonized by the great British Empire. “Rule Brittania!” and all that.

This very romantic view of the world slowly fell away from about the time of The Matrix but it still lasted until at least 2012, when myself and a friend journeyed by air for 27 hours non stop, to reach London in time to participate in the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee celebrations. And it was a jolly good show indeed!

Fast forward to 2021 and my outlook and opinions have changed dramatically since those days of 2012 singing my heart out at the Royal Albert Hall to songs of the empire and munching on cute cupcakes with Royal Jack flags in them. It really is like a “night and day” scenario.

Utterly Splendid Empire Cupcakes in 2012, not palatble now.

Since the days of eating empire cupcakes in London, I now see with crystal clear clarity that the sordid 2003 Amercian led invasion of Iraq was not an unfortunate exception in world affairs – it is highly proven to be the rule of Empire. All empires.

Today, it is the American empire that commits casual unspeakable atrocities. It used to be the Europeans, but they are now delegated to the cheap seats in the ride to inflict the next global intervention – Uncle Sam is firmly at the wheel of wanton destruction.

From their global military and CIA atrocities my mind then wandered over the years to look at America’s domestic atrocities – gun violence, cripplingly expensive and ineffective health care, homelessness, obesity, inequality, a corporatized criminal justice system, rigged electoral systems, corrupted banking systems, political corruption, out of control war spending, corrupted corporate media… the list just goes on and on.



When coming face to face with this endless list of US led atrocity it is not really possible for any normal, rational human being to look the other way and I haven’t. I now realize this was akin to taking a red pill.

But sadly, I have not been able to convince anyone of my red pill revelations. Responses from family and friends have ranged from mild, infrequent interest to absolute denial. Mostly tending towards the latter.

Such has been the mixed response to my newly founded opinions, that several of my oldest friendships have suffered. Where I used to enjoy robust and highly enjoyable discussions with friends on world affairs over the years, (because of course, I now see we all thought in the same contrived way back then) I now find myself avoiding discussion of anything, even avoiding the friends themselves and I suspect that is mutual. Covid hasn’t helped.

Who knows what the future may hold. Forty years (in some cases) of great and close friendship is difficult to just right off.

So that is why I joined social media in 2021 – to find a channel to share and discuss world events with others around the globe and to relieve my local lot of the burdens of my thoughts.

Has it worked? Well, it is a very, very big world actually – not a small one. So many different types of people and groups are busy on their own paths and subjects, it has been very pleasant so far interacting with them. Some contacts have been short, I suspect others will be longer. Some have been highly useful, others irrelevent.

But one thing is for sure – you can’t ever go back once you’ve taken the RED pill. You can unlearn years of propaganda, because these old thoughts were never mine in the first place. They were simply inserted – fully formed – into my mind over years and years of exposure to western propaganda. Now I am creating the thoughts.

I am much more aware of what is happening around me.

But even though more and more people are globally awakening to “something”, it seems to me that we are still in a minority. We’re still labelled and presented as “conspiracy” nuts etc by powerful forces that control what we see and hear and who still control power. These powerful forces are slowly relinquishing their grip over society, but how long will it take to break their stranglehold and what will be the cost?

Empires rarely give up power quietly.

Noted English writer Harold Pinter said in his 2005 Nobel Literature Prize acceptance speech,

“A writer’s life is a highly vulnerable, almost naked activity. We don’t need to weep about that. The writer makes his choice and is stuck with it. It is true to say you are open to all winds, some of them icy indeed.”

Some of the winds of a writer are icy indeed. However this is my choice, I can’t go back. I’m stuck with it as well, in my own tiny way.

But the red pill is very powerful indeed. Even more powerful than the propaganda of empires. I can’t take a blue pill now. My life course is set on a new path.

Would you like to join me?

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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