Tiananmen Square, Uighurs & Hong Kong – A “Lightbulb” Moment Just Now.


Tourists enjoying a nice day at Tiananmen Square Beijing, China

For many years I was just like most other people and just went along with the crowd on the subject of events in Tiananmen Square, Beijing in June 1989. After all, there WAS so much evidence of a terrible massacre wasn’t there? It was reported all over the western media and talked about on every anniversary in western government circles so it must have been true.

Well, I’m not that naieve any more and recently a very bright lightbulb came on in my head – the lightbulb concerned an obvious question that I for one, had never asked,

Where is the actual PROOF that thousands of students were machine gunned to death, beaten to death and run over by the tanks of the ravaging Chinese army?

Or even just strong evidence? Or any evidence.

This is quite an obvious question really, but when has it ever answered to any great extent?

There were international film crews and photographers covering events in Tiananmen Square in the lead up to June 4 because we got some artistically memorable photos from them such as “tank man”.

Additionally, there are diplomatic cables in the public domain (released by wikileaks) which give eye witness accounts of events as well.

A Chilean Diplomat named ‘Carlos Gallo’ was walking amongst the chaos and noted,

“Although gunfire could be heard, Gallo said that apart from some beating of students, there was no mass firing into the crowd of students at the monument (of the Square). (When it was) mentioned that some reportedly eyewitness accounts of massacres at the monument with Automatic weapons, Gallo said that there was no such slaughter. Once agreement was reached for the students to withdraw….. the students left the Square through the Southeast Corner.

Essentially everyone, including Gallo, left. The few that attempted to remain behind were beaten and driven to join the end of the departing procession.” 

(CIA cables 1989.)

So here we have a Chilean diplomat, in a leaked CIA diplomatic cable, giving his eye witness accounts from Tiananmen Square on June 4 1989 which refute allegations that a massacre had taken place there. There was a wide range of people and groups in the chaos, student protests, unions, armed violent gangs and government troops all present in a crowd of maybe 80,000. Of course there are going to be injuries and deaths – but was there a government masscre of civilians with up to 10,000 victims as reported by the BBC?

British Primeminster Margaret Thatcher signed the Hong Kong handover agreement in 1984 after five years of very tough negotiations. Unbelievably, the west were so arrogant and taken aback to learn that China wanted its former lands back. And they wanted all of Hong Kong, not just the colonial part. Then, five years later we have an unspeakable “massacre” at Tiananmen Square, in the heart of Beijing. Really ?

One former outspoken CIA veteren is of the opinion that the various unrest in key parts of China (Hong Kong, Tibet, Tiananmen Square) were all fomented by the CIA and MI6. He writes this observation from 1996,

CIA Operations in China—Another CIA Domestic Op?

By Ralph McGehee, April 1996

Former 25 year CIA Veteran in East Asia.

“Is the United States on a collision course with the People’s Republic of China? All-too-familiar patterns of deception and demonization as a precursor to U.S. aggression are appearing in the U.S. media in a wave of anti-China propaganda. The propaganda casts China in various negative roles: aggressor against Taiwan, violator of human rights against dissidents at home, torturer of its orphans, etc….”

For much more read the full article in the below link,


This was written by a long term CIA man in 1996!

Another writer sheds more light on Tiananmen Square and the subversive activities carried out by the American government in general in this article,


“A joint MI6-CIA operation known as ‘Operation Yellowbird’ was launched to train ‘pro-democracy’ factions in Chinese universities. On the ground, Triad gangs were sent from Hong Kong to train the students in guerrilla warfare, arming them with iron poles and teaching them insurgency tactics.”

You get the picture right?

Even before reading these articles, a major “oh wow” moment had occured to me.

The Tiananmen Square “massacre” was a precurser to US backed 2019 riots in Hong Kong and also a precurser to the clearly wildly exaggerated “genocide” claims of the US against Uighurs in Xinjiang of the same period.

All three events in China have very similar characteristics.

a. Young people are the public face of each “movement.”

Young people are naieve, passionate and idealistic, perfect qualities to exploit and perpetuate the energy needed for such a movement to succeed. They can be fetted and made to believe anything.

US BACKED Hong Kong Riot Leader “Student” Joshua Wong

b. There is no real proof at all of the claims.

The genocide claims in particular are devoid of any real proof of the events. Just alot of poorly written, US govt financed think tank puff pieces, echo-chambered in the western media. Tiananmen Square is similar.

Yes, people died in Beijing of course, but many were soldiers, beaten and burnt to death by gangs no doubt paid for by the CIA.

A Chinese Soldier burnt to Death and hung up in Tiananmen Square

Another Chinese Soldier burnt to Death and Impaled against a bus in Tiananmen Square

The western media has never shown us images like this. Images that show many of the victims of June 4, 1989 were unarmed soldiers, who met extremely violent deaths.

Would normally respectful, law abiding Chinese students in China in 1989 carryout these violent acts against police and soldiers? Did you see the terrible “gang type” violence carried out in the Hong Kong riots of 2019 against members of the public and Hong Kong police?

Would ordinary law abiding chinese young people do these things in either location and time, even if they were angry?

I don’t think so. I can believe that foreign trained and foreign paid Chinese Triad gangs could carry out these things, but not hard working young chinese people.

If 10,000 people were killed by machine guns and tanks at Tiananmen Square as the BBC claimed, where are some pictures of the mangled and blood soaked bodies? Western media were always present leading up to and during the week. Are we stupid enough to believe that the Chinese government was successful in destroying every single photo or film of the 10,000 victims? Have western media representatives ever claimed that their pictures of thousands of dead bodies were taken and destroyed by the Chinese government? I’ve not heard that.

Of course there are some pictures of bodies around. It was chaos. But are there thousands of bodies? Often there are lots of mangled bicyles with one or two bodies around but I’ve not seen any photographic evidence to substantiate western claims of a deliberate massacre of thousands.

c. Another aspect I always found curious from Tiananmen Square protests was that many of the protest signs carried by students at the front of the crowds were written in English. In 1989, China was still quite isolated and just beginning its incredible journey. Most people in Beijing still rode bicycles, as can be seen from the pictures and few spoke english. There was no internet in 1989.

So why are many signs in english or bi-lingual? Are the signs directed at the Chinese government or are they directed at a much bigger audience? And for an entirely different purpose?

Is this Beijing 1989 or Hong Kong 2019?

d. Why would we believe anything western governments and media tell us?

A very long list of American & British government lies are on the public record. Starting from events almost in my lifetime like the 1945 American use of nuclear weapons in Japan, which was based upon the lie that this ended the world war 2 in the Pacific, through to the 1964 American lie that North Vietnam attacked them in the Gulf of Tonkin which justified a strong American retaliation, through the Watergate and Monica Lewinsky scandals, the Iran Contra scandal (which was nothing to do with Iran), right up to WMD’s in Iraq in 2003 and more recently, the faked Chemical weapons attacks in Syria – all are deliberate lies or misrepresentations of fact.

There are literally hundreds of similar lies told and perpetuated in history by western governments, aided and abetted by their media lapdogs. We believe them because good people don’t lie do they?

With there being such a clear public record of American and British interference in the affairs of so many nations, all around the world, for so many decades now, why would anyone suddenly believe that Uighers are being genocided in Xiniang? Having visited China several times – but not Xinjiang yet – and seen the efforts to improve all Chinese people’s lives, I simply don’t find that idea believable at all. There is almost nothing credible to support this notion either.

Having followed the “protests” in Hong Kong in recent years, and having visited there, and having seen the violence unleashed upon ordinary citizens and mainland Chinese who unfortunately happened to be in Hong Kong, (which was rarely, if ever shown in western media) I don’t believe the vast majority of the peaceful protesters, taking to the streets with genuine greviences, supported the violent rioting and looting carried out by a small minority, of probably well trained gangs.

So that is when it hit me – Tiananmen Square (1989) – something that I had always taken as entirely true – fits perfectly into the same pattern as Hong Kong riots (2014-19) and Xinjiang & the Uighurs genocide (ongoing).

Tiananmen Square was probably NOT the major massacre it is constantly held up to be in western media and government.

Yes, there have been genuine grievances in all three locations over time. The USA knows this and they want to stoke the unrest, quite openly as in the case of China. The USA does this globally. They are truely shocking. Unrest is stoked under the guise of promoting “freedom” and “human rights” – things the United States is in no position to lecture about.

But many gullible westerners – including most Americans – really believe America is interested in improving human rights, even as their own living conditions continue to deteriate. America arms and finances extremists all around the world to cause unrest.

Because after protracted unrest comes social and financial chaos. And after protracted chaos comes a “crackdown”, usually by military “hard-men” to “restore order”.

Who are the greatest friends and suppliers of most militaries and hard-men around the world ? The United States, United Kingdomn etc….

When you have chaos and military rule you have guaranteed customers to buy your weapons to maintain order and the USA is the largest weapons manufacturer in the world by far.

It is a perfect business model. Western Military – Finance – Diplomacy – Media all working together to create chaos and make money. Only the poor and innocent suffer.

So next time someone mentions Tiananmen Square in chat or in the media, just ask, “where is the proof?”

The same goes for Uigher genocide. The more people who are aware of how the world and its “problems” are created, the less likely it will be that innocent people will get caught up in the created chaos. We all want that, right?

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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