“Merry Violent Christmas” from America Everyone!


US Representative Ms Lauren Boebert, Republican Colorado (flag added)


An elected member of the US House of Representatives, Ms Lauren Boebart has posted the above image as her Christmas greetings photo of 2021. It is not the first such picture in America this festive season but it is one of the worst.

For anyone from a civilized nation…….where to start to comment on this picture?

1) THIS is a “Christmas greetings” family photo.

I have often said that the Bible is one of America’s most quoted, but least practiced books. Ms Boebart as a “born again” Christian, typifies in a newly abhorrent manner this notion. If this is how christians in leadership positions in the United States see Christmas, then America’s foreign policy these last centuries – killing people – is obviously no accident.

2) Her young children have been hijacked into this violent scene.

One son in particular seems quite uncomfortable in this pose, refusing to look at the camera. Perhaps he has more sense than his mother. The child on the extreme left seems distant to reality. Or is it that he is actually the opposite? Does he seem to be well and truely converted into this world of violence and is he already sliding into a new life as America’s next school shooter?

Through no fault of their own, these young children’s faces have been thrust publicly all around the world, held hostage to all the deserving criticism that their mother has generated. It is not their fault but they will be stigmatized. How will these children end up?

3) It has only been days since four similarly aged children were shot dead in yet another example of that perculiarly American cultural and iconic event – the school mass shooting.

How utterly insensitive is it to post this Christmas greeting? It all needs alot of thought.

4) To anyone who has not been in a coma these last decades, (centuries actually) America’s foreign policy has basically consisted of the pre-meditated, well planned and ruthlessly executed creation of death and suffering around the world. All in the aid of greed and profit.

The elites who run America and the west don’t care about whether they “win” wars or not. The idea of “winning” is just for children and partisan voters.

Simply creating endless wars and conflicts is itself the winning. There is no necessary outcome or result. Conflicts big or small need weapons big and small. Weapon sales are another of those areas where America leads the world, being far bigger than the second placed output of Russia.

This American system of creating constant suffering has become a perpetual motion machine. Political figures such as Ms Boebert come into the system in Washington, sit on committees that rubber stamp bipartisan policies of suffering creation. The best of these people – meaning the person who can rubber stamp the most war mongering policies in the most charming and convincing manner – has a chance of becoming President of the USA, the “Rubber stamper in Chief.”

America has a very sick and dieing culture. Many Americans know this but are still caught up in the feeble blame game called party politics. Each side – Republicans and Democrats – blame the other. Except at the highest levels in Washington, where political support for ever increasing spending on weapons and war making is assured from both parties. Only the voters, ordinary Americans end up suffering.

Which is why it is important to listen and follow spokespeople from both parties in America. Both parties and their respective media outlets, are correct in what they say about the other. All of them are horrible.

America’s politicians and their media are all smiling zombies. Human like in appearance, able to mobilize unaided, but essentially brain dead yet able to impart their toxic characteristics onto the innocent others of the world.

What type of treatment will be necessary to rid the world of this disease? Who knows. But if this disease is left untreated, we all know what will happen to the perpetrators and their victims.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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