Impressions of People & Their Social Media Revolutions

You Meet All Sorts of People on Twitter


SInce launching a blog in July 2021, I have moved on and added Twitter to my regular on-line experience. In fact I spend more time there now.

I don’t know about you but before joining some of the more common social media sites, I had distinct impressions of some of them already formed in my mind, impressions that in some cases were sometimes correct and sometimes not.

For example, Facebook seems to be pretty much what I thought it was. A place to develop to your business or to share pictures of your lunch. The majority of sites on Facebook seem to lie idle, abandoned soon after launch, that societal itch having been scratched. For sharing the banal with your “friends” or for sharing important information about your business with your customers, Facebook is just fine.

Reddit was a site I thought was highly controversial and “out there”. Edgy. It is anything but. It is for people who pack their lunch for work each day or who collect things. It is so overloaded with rules and regulations and oversight that nothing even slightly controversial or outside societal norms is possibly able to be posted. Waste of time.

Previously to joining Twitter, whenever I thought of it Donald Trump appeared in my mind. This is probably not accidental. Twitter is a great place to get your thoughts and comments in front of people without so much of the censorship of other sites. Sadly, this seems to be changing now as Mr Trump will testify to. HIs account has been “suspended”, which seems to mean blocked off for all time to anyone wanting to view it.

But, increasing censorship aside, Twitter is a really great site. Twitter is a great way to connect with millions of people, without the need for an intermediate that will possibly distort your message. An intermediate such as the Mainstream Corporate Wall St Media, who are very crooked and corrupt.

I guess that is why President Trump’s Twitter account got suspended. Suspension took away his ability to communicate directly with the public. Is that a good thing or not?

I have come across a wide range of people, young and old on Twitter from former world leaders, Harvard Professors, Pro-Trumpers, Never Trumpers, Anarchists, Black right movements, tyre kickers and many more labels too numerous to mention.

Many of these groups have legitimate grievences, sometimes overlapping with the grievences of others. What they all seem to share is a sense of unrest. Many lack direction or an effective stratedgy IMHO to achieve their goals. And many individuals simply ignore you when inconvienient truths are presented. That is the most annoying part of Twitter.

It is really irksome when supposedly highly educated, even publicly known figures, simply dismiss or ignore facets of their history. I have replied to famous corporate broadcasters, Harvard teaching academics and sometimes just ordinary people. In many cases, these people are engaging in the particularly American fixation of shameless and hypocritical lecturing. They may even be right on the matter they are lecturing about.

But when you point out a fact of history that somewhat negates their speals, they either ignore it (presumably because Harvard Professors and Wall St Media luminaries shouldn’t be seen to be blocking the well founded views of ordinary people) or, in the case of ordinary people, they do block you.

What hope is there for the United States really? It is a population of zombie headed sand dwellers, each totally deaf to the views of the other. And they are violent and increasingly exporting their extreme violence globally.

There doesn’t seem to be any alternative to this type of behaviour either. I chatted a bit with some people (anarchist socialists maybe?) who hated Capitalism and wanted to destroy it. Capitalism has many serious flaws to it that is for sure.

But it seems to me that these people didn’t know what would happen to the capitalists once capitalism had been destroyed. Are all of the people who have held sway over so much of the globe simply going to bow out quietly and give a new lot a turn? Even if the destroyers of capitalism have the majority of the global populace on their side, how is that going to keep the world organized fairly for the masses? I think most of the western world realizes already that something is very wrong with our thinking and systems – but still there is no credible substitute for the western elites and their hangers on who rule us.

Replacing the world elites any time soon – as horribly gruesome as they are – is fraught with danger until and unless it can be done “peacefully”. Removing any structures prematurely creates instability and a vacuum. Unless there is a well thought out plan to replace old structures, it seems to me that we would just be lurching from one unsuitable situation to another. Revolution sounds all good and fine but many nations have struggled to cope post their societal metamorphosis. And the current undercurrents circulating around the globe have the potential to unleash forces the likes of which we haven’t seen for a very long time.

This probably all sounds a bit naieve and totally unrealistic. The idea that major global change can be achieved peacefully, even slightly so.That is probably true.

I used to be a strong proponent of voting, but not any more. Voting simply perpetuates the current system we all hate so much. So DON’T VOTE.

What could the Wall St media in West say to steadily and dramatically declining voter turnout in western “democracies”. We know the USA already has one of the lowest turnouts in the west for Presidential elections, in the 50-60% range.

What if each decade the voting turnout in the USA dropped 10%?

Who could be blamed for the overall drop? Maybe a scapegoat could be assigned for one part of the drop, but over 40 years and ten election cycles? I don’t think so. Blacks dropping out…? young people disengaging…? These effects could explain one decade’s drop but not all of them. In four decades, the American voter turnout would be down to around 20%. Unbelievable that would most certainly be. The world and Americans themselves would be talking about it. Incessantly and rightly so.

The real cause of this drastic fall off in electoral support must surely and quietly emerge after 40 years. Which is that there is something inherently wrong with the American system as a whole and not just with any one particular part of it. Everyone there must address the problems not just some of them. The WHOLE SYSTEM.

Arriving at this conclusion collectively, slowly over time, might, just might, prevail over a long hard look in the mirror by the United States. It’s not very likely to happen to be honest. But I think it is worth trying this non-confrontational approach. What is the alternative?

And actually, what is the point of voting really? Most western nations have such very similar outcomes – over time – no matter which tribe you vote for. Haven’t you noticed? So what does it matter who you vote for? Your only choice to effect real change is not voting at all.

So when your election circus comes around again, contemplate staying home. It would be a revolutionary act. You just might save the world.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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