Why I Now Think The Royals MUST Go.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, center, and members of the royal family attend the annual Trooping the Colour Ceremony in London, Saturday, June 8, 2019.


As I gently glide through middle aged life, several major changes in my outlook have occurred. Today I will mention one. The British Royal Family.

Growing up with parents who were ambivalent towards Monarchy, somehow along the way, I became a staunch royalist. Was it that school trip to our nearest city, en masse with other high schools, to witness the excitement of actually seeing “Her Majesty” in person… at least, seeing her hat from about 200 meters away passing by on the back of an open topped vehicle?

“Get ’em while they’re young” is a tried and true system of indoctrination isn’t it? Especially when “celebrities” are involved.

Look at how effective the daily requirement to recite the American “Pledge of Allegience” by young children is at indoctrinating Americans into total obedience at such a young age, and continuing through adulthood. Even the daily opening of the US Congress continues with this slavish devotion to the flag in its sittings – to help guard against independent thought one concludes.

So in the past, I have had “royal” dinner parties for friends, watched everything on TV concerning the Royals and always thought I would be so happy to receive my telegram from the King when I reach 100 years old. I even journeyed all the way around the world in 2012 to take part in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth in Britain.

But not any more.

In recent years it has occured to me that the “class” system in Britain, and all of the invisible entitlements that are associated with it, are holding back real improvement in the lives of ordinary people. And at the heart and soul of the class system in Britain is the Royal Family.

It seems to me now that in Britain, the Royal Family are used in the same way that America uses the flag and the President. It is surely remarkable how easily supposedly “left wing”, “progessive”, Democrats, “independents” and “moderates” of all persuasions rally around the media and the President when war in a foreign nation is mentioned. Dissent is an orphan.

The New York Times, Washington Post and their devoted moderate readers rallied around a right wing, intellectually deficient, christian fundamentalist US president in a flash in 2002/03. Starting a war with Iraq was not just a reluctantly required international path of action, but actually, a gleeful endeavour, undertaken with all the enthusiasism and presentation of a trip to Disneyworld. Millons of innocent Iraqi people and families were killed or displaced in this American psycho-Disney “liberation”.

In the same way, Britain (England really) uses the Royals, the class system and the military to equally effectively – but much more subtly – influence public opinion in favour of the west’s violent interventions globally. The Royals, and their nice bright red uniforms with their mostly unearned medals on their chests are wheeled out at the same time, and at the same place, year after year, to maintain “tradition”. A tradition that includes domination over other cultures around the world.

And this is even before we discuss the financial power the City of London has over the globe.

In recent years the folly of the UK Royals was highlighted to me personally.

I mean, how can a slightly successful American actress suddenly become a British “Duchess”? What is a Duchess anyway? It obviously isn’t anything to do with history or breeding or real accomplishment is it? You just become one overnight – no matter who you are. And although it seems Kate Middleton is a lovely person, how does a party shop owner’s daughter become third in line to be Britain’s Queen?

Of course, the same logic does NOT apply to the husband of these Duchesses – a Duke. That is another spurious aspect of the UK class system.

You can’t become a Duke simply by marrying someone, like the equivalent female figure, a Duchess, does. Only males really matter in Royal circles, just as in most religions. Only males become Dukes by birth, so as to maintain their paternal control over the elite class system. The same logic applies to Kings, Barons and Marquises. Men have the control.

And are these people, who were born into these positions, any different to anyone else? Of course not. The Monarch of Britain is simply someone descended from people who were better at killing people and stealing their possessions than anyone else. The exact same logic and procedure we see at play in international relations today.

And we venerate these people. Follow them like celebrities. Ignore their obvious flaws. Make use of them for propaganda purposes when necessary.

So here I am now, a supporter of New Zealand becoming a Republic! Changing our flag!

I never thought that would would ever happen. Doesn’t that show I have an open mind?

Or maybe it is simply that I went on too many school trips in my childhood to see a hat moving in the distance. Whatever the cause, I now see world affairs in a totally different light. The shadows are falling on the established order. They are resisting.

China is showing an alternative path to global affairs. Many are seeing this for the first time. It is hoped that the current western based order, who have held sway for so long, go without creating more of the violence that has been their trademark for so long.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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