America’s URGENT “To Do” List This Thanksgiving.




The following “far from exhaustive” list are suggested tasks for Washington to work on inside contemporary American society. Even when this very short list is completed, (which is unlikely to ever be) America still needs to desist from exporting its cancerous culture beyond its borders. Especially by force and by stealth.

Here’s just a few of the highly urgent tasks in Amercia that require immediate attention,

1) Clean up the Totally Corrupt (largely US Based) Global Media.

Millions of people are increasingly turning off the mainstream media due to the total disconnect between those media organizations and the people. Today’s media are highly polarizing corporate “for profit” business which are increasing the partisan divides already existing within American society.

The modern global media fulfils none of its core public functions. It has become the prime tool of the global campaigns created to deceive and confuse people. It is the major global outlet for propaganda.

2) Reduce The Incarceration Rates of the Privatized American Criminal Justice System.

The United States has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners, at 2.3 million.

America imprisons its people at TWICE the rate in South Africa, 3x the rate in Iran and 6x the rate in China, (all official figures). America is known as the “prison state” globally.

Most US Prisons were privatized, into “for profit” businesses in the Reagan era, 1980 – 88. Incarceration rates skyrocketed as justice became a highly profitable business.

Many US states force prisoners to work for free. Even in states that do pay, the rate is often 25c to 1.25c an hour. A “who’s who” of global corporations now use Amercian prison labor, to such an extent that America’s prisoners manufacturer 93% of all American domestic paints, 36% of all household appliances, 21% of office furniture and 100% of all military small goods like helmets, bullet proof vests, ammunition belts, dog tags etc.

35-40% of firefighters in California fighting bush fires are prison inmates.

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, worth $53 billion, admitted in December 2019 that he used free prison labour to make high frequency public phone calls for his election campaign.

America is the ONLY country in the world that imprisons children for LIFE, without any chance of parole. THE ONLY NATION. That is an unprecedented blight on the rotting heart of an extinct culture.

There are now more 17 year old black males in prison in America than there are in America’s colleges.

3) Eliminate the Power of the Military Industrial Complex in America.

United States governments have paid nearly US$8 trillion of tax payers money to American military weapons manufacturers since 2001. Veteran’s medical costs, covert CIA operations and the interest on the bank loans taken out by the federal government to fund their wars are NOT included in these costs.

What would America be like today if $8 trillion had of been spent on infrastructure, improved education and affordable healthcare ? (Like they do in China).

Supporters of President Biden have given much public praise of the recently passed “Infrastructure bill” in Washington. Hollywood celebrities have gushed this is such a huge amount! Why is it huge? It is a tiny amount.

America has spent MUCH MUCH more on destroying the infrastructure of other nations, whilst at the same time, ignoring building anything in its own territory. An estimated 40-50% of the Biden infrastructure bill was pure “pork”.

4) Reduce the Greatest Financial Inequality in the Developed World. (comparable even to some developing countries)

Two families together – the Kochs and the Waltons – have the same amount of money as the combined total of the bottom 40% of all Americans. Two families have the same wealth as 128 million Americans !

Nearly 70% of all Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

34% (one in three) of Americans have no savings AT ALL (2016 figures)

In 2019, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, America’s billionaires added $500 billion to their wealth. Under Covid this trend is accelerating. But 40 million Americans need food stamps to survive.

These statistics are damning. America fails itself and its people but is so deluded, it continues to collectively march towards the cliff.

5) End America’s Continuing High Rate of Occupation of, and Interference in, Foreign Nations.

The American military operates over 750 active military bases around the world in over 70 countries, manned by 200,000 active duty troops. What are these troops doing ? Who or what are these troops defending against ? Who is going to attack them ? Clearly, defence is not their role.

Russia, Britain, France (all former Empire builders) and China (never had a global empire) have only 30 overseas military bases combined ! The USA has 750+.

The American military uses 48 million litres (13.8 million US gals) of fuel each day, contributing more in global carbon emmissions than over 140 nations combined.

6) Fix the Extremely Expensive and Inefficient American Medical System

The biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in the USA comes from the inability of Americans to service the loans they need to take out to pay their medical bills. The USA has the most expensive healthcare system, and one of the least efficient in the world by a WIDE margin, in both instances.

The USA spent US$10,600 per person on healthcare in 2018.

Switzerland, one of Europe’s most expensive but highly developed nations, is in second place, spending $7900 per person.

Germany spent $5900 per person.

Canada spent $4900 per person.

China spent just $733 per person. Even allowing for exchange rate differences and costs of living, that remains an enormous difference.

Even with the highest levels of health care spending in the world, life expectancy is now falling for the first time in the United States, in part due to having the world’s highest rate of OBESITY and because extremely high medical costs make medical treatment out of reach for many.

China’s life expectancy continues to rise and Chinese babies born in recent years will already out live babies born in America. China doesn’t waste money on starting endless wars and interfering in nations globally as President Carter observed in 2019.

The lives of people in China are improving all the time.

7) Fix The Totally Broken American Political System

The results of 375 out of the 435 separate nation wide elections to choose the members of the House of Representatives (that’s 86% of elections) are known in advance. There is no contest. The two main parties have strangleholds on most electoral districts, meaning they win it almost every time.

Just 14% of Congressional elections are a real contest between genuine candidates.

Recent studies from America’s leading universities BOTH found that the 538 member United States Congress created laws that followed the will of the people ZERO percent of the time, (yes, 0%)


Repeatedly ignoring gun control,

Repeatedly bailing out failed and corrupted private financial institutions, and never prosecuting any of their financial crimes,

Endless one sided support of Israel, and increasingly, Saudi Arabia, the world’s worst human rights abuser,

Continuing to borrow money to give to weapons companies in foreign regime change wars which continue to balloon national debt, which will have to be paid for by ever dwindling numbers of people who still pay tax.

There is simply no connection at all now between American politicians and the American people. There is NO American democracy although many Americans still cling to the delusion that there is, and moreover, it is the greatest democracy in the world.

America’s first democratically elected President – even in theory – was Richard Nixon in 1968.

8) Fix the Decay of the Real Economy in America.

The “real” economy is as it sounds. It consists of the production and sale of real world things from agriculture, industry and manufacturing like food, infrastructure, televisions and floor cleaners.

Today, only 20% of the American economy is “real”.

The other 80% of the American economy is called the “financial economy” or the “FIRE economy” – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate. This financial economy is for rich people.

This FIRE economy revolves around the production of…… nothing at all.

It consists of complex mathematical equations, paper shuffling and mega computers running 24/7 that speculate for profit on global currency markets, global share markets, insurance markets, global debt markets, hedge funds, loan and mortgage markets, etc.

The financial economy works to create new ways to create profit without creating anything “real” like a bridge or a table or even a hamburger.

Ordinary people have no connection to, or involvement with the financial economy….. until it collapses. Then ordinary people are told their taxes have to bail it out. Again.

Today America’s real economy makes up only 20% of its total economy.

China’s real economy makes up 47% (almost half) of their total economy as more real people are involved in creating real things that ordinary people want and use. It is much more sustainable and more fair.

America’s focus on its financial economy simply worsens inequality by increasing the wealth only of the already wealthy, who know what the financial economy is and how to benefit from it.

9) Reduce the Imbedded Culture of Gun violence in America,

The USA has the highest rate of gun violence in the developed world, once again, by a VERY BIG margin. No other “developed” nation on earth has so much gun violence.

In 2017 in the USA there were 39,775 gun deaths. That’s 109 every day. That is more than the UK total for a year.

America’s endemic domestic violence problems seems to be mirrored in its export of violence, that is presented as a real foreign policy.

Conclusion – it is quite clear that America is in a spiral to implosion. Any one of the above problems are significant challenges. America has all these problems and many more. It has created a failed state trajectory for itself but its own propaganda fails to alert itself as a nation, as to its fate.

America is slowly unwinding as a society and once the critical mass of their plethora of anarchic forces is finally achieved, and implosion is assured, puzzled media and political figures will be at a loss to explain it all.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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