How China Got Rid of the 30,000 US Troops in Taiwan Last Time.


30,000 American troops were stationed in China’s Taiwanese province

As many as 30,000 American military troops were stationed in Taiwan after world war 2 and stayed there for over three decades, right up to the 1970s. The last of the US troops left the island province in 1979 after the United States normalized diplomatic relations with Beijing.

It hardly seems credible in these days of normalized unilateral military aggression to imagine that the Chinese government succeeded in removing these foreign US military troops from Taiwan by talking.

Yes, just by talking. To people. Face to face.

In this era of unfetered American/UK aggression all over the world – military invasions, CIA coups and crippling US sanctions as deadly as their bombs – it seems impossible now to think that China persisted for many years with diplomacy and…. succeeded.

All of America’s 30,000 troops were removed from China by mutual agreement and without a single shot being fired.

Is it any wonder more and more people are seeing that China’s model of conducting itself – whilst certainly not perfect – is still superior to that offered by an increasingly violent and out of control United States and UK?

But the dog can’t leave the bone completely alone – it is still a dog after all. We heard recently that small number of US troops are back in Taiwan, essentially helping the Taiwanese leadership to commit treason. I say Treason because the only global body with the authority to grant, deny or recognize international nationhood – the United Nations – does NOT recognize Taiwan as an independent nation.

For goodness sake, even the United States doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a nation. But the USA still provokes China by sending weapons and now military advisors to Taiwan, a sovereign part of Chinese territory. Imagine if China behaved like this in Hawaii – which is a far less sovereign part of America than Taiwan is of China. The western liberal do-gooders should be crying “Free Hawaii” and putting that on their car window or fenders instead of any other imagined cause.

Will a red line be crossed? Let’s hope not as next time China wants US troops removed from Taiwan, there’ll be much less talking one imagines.

Taiwan will always be a small buti mportant part of China

The Taiwan leadership must be insane to think they can be protected by anyone should they overstep the very reasonable mark set by Beijing. Haven’t these people in Taiwan learnt anything from recent history?

The United States ever only attacks weak nations, usually far from their borders and where no one can really challenge it. Even then it has a patchy track record of achieving anything. Washington makes big promises but rarely delivers. It is very good at wrecking things but not creating them.

If Taipei ever talks of breaking away from its giant parent right next door, there’ll be no turning back and they will loose much of their allegedly cherished independence.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Judging by China’s normal conduct, it won’t.

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