“Russiagate” Narrative Continues to Fall Apart


I’m sure you saw how VERY VERY much large sections of the Wall St media pushed, embellished, and retold that thing that was the Russia/Trump scandal in its various forms? 


No one was more hysterical than MSNBC the “left wing” outlet of American media, MSNBC and CNN harped on and on for over a year and a half… about the Trump /Russia connections, about Russia interference in the USA election, about Trump’s colluding with Russia, about Trump’s staff colluding with Russia, about Trump being a Russian puppet, about Trump doing lewd things with Russian prostitutes in hotel rooms …

Well you get the picture. No one was more hysterical than Rachel Maddow.

There was simply no end to it…. 24 hours a day of constantly negative coverage about Donald Trump and Russia. This story was impossible to miss, as was the intention.

Except it was all based on lies. The whole story has slowly fallen apart over time and, as some people were saying from the beginning, it was affiliates of the Clintons and the Democratic party who were helping to drive the narratives.

One by one, the “inside sources” have been uncovered as Clinton associates and they are slowly being charged with criminal offences. 

Hence the name of the article above, “Russiagate has no rock bottom… “

Obviously, this utter shambles which humiliates every aspect of American society – their politicians, their media, their law enforcement people such as the FBI, Congress, even their citizens – is not now covered in any Wall St media outlet in any detail. The job has been completed, which was to turn sufficient moderate voters away from Donald Trump to get him out of the Whitehouse. It worked.

If the Wall St media drones did honestly report what has happened since Trump left power, there’d be no shred of credibility left to any aspect of their culture, media, law enforcement….so they don’t report it.

This is what we might call “playing hardball” – or, more simply, another day in Washington. Such naieve notions as truth, integrity and fairness are for kiddies to swoon over. Those words are unknown in Washington, and probably many other capitals as well.

Every few years, the government changes and new people come in to take their turn in stirring this rotten pot of lies, targeting whom ever it is that is their sites during that period. The media and intelligence giants don’t change. They continue to work their strings behind the puppet stage.

Russiagate isn’t some abnormal happening, some unfortunate side track problem where “rogue” players got carried away with the truth. THIS IS HOW WASHINGTON OPERATES EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY of every year. This is how the so called “free and open media” in the west operates – playing an active part in the constant creation and spreading of lies and deceptions about people and organizations that don’t follow their cause.

Almost everything you read on international news is based on lies like Russiagate and almost every issue gets found out sooner or later – but then, a years later, when the truth comes out, who cares about “old” issues? The latest spew pit of lies and false narratives has already been peddled to an ignorant, “voting” public. Old lies are reliably forgotten as colourful circuses roll into town for yet another dazzlingly, fully staged election, the results of which are already known in advance 80% of the time and which are irrelevent in the remaining 20%.

Any winning candidate is already captured by these special interest liars, otherwise, either candiate in the contest would never have been allowed to be a candidate in the first place.

Probably Beijing and Moscow do all this too to some extent, but then at least they don’t compound the moral issues by pretending to be the leaders of the “civilized” (a white term) and “democratic” (an American fallacy) world and defenders of everything nice and wonderful. At least they don’t claim to be the greatest nation in history. Hypocrites deserve the hottest place in hell, if you believe in such a thing.

The false Russiagate conspiracy is not unique or unusual in any way – it is totally unremarkable, an everyday procedure. The staus quo. Normal.

 Other examples off the top of my head are, this weeks elections in Nicaragua, elections and anything to do with a raft of South American countries such as the demonizing of Venezeula, Cuba, Panama and Guatemala, the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attacks on civilians, Iran’s nuclear program, Iran wiping Israel off the map, or anything to do with Iran, Genocide and concentration camps in Xinjiang, Tibet (the perennial bumper sticker cause of the ignorant & “socially aware”) etc, etc.

Sometimes it is the opposite effect of the normal media demonizing that saturates our media when the abhorrent behaviours of “ours” or our friends are whitewashed away.

For example, the white washing and/or ignoring of Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s repeated crimes against humanity, the American media covering for a senile President by giving him prompts and answering their own questions when he’s lost in another existential haze, the list goes on and on, right back to Hiroshima and probably even before that.

These “major” international stories were all lies in some form or another. So, you can’t google something to find “the truth” – that is simply a fairytale for the unquestioning to take to bed with them. Mega corporations like Google and Facebook etc are already deep in bed with government and intelligence communities working together creating techniques on how to manipulate people without them ever realizing.

Sadly many people still believe they live in a free world but people from “bad guys” nations don’t. But happily, more and more people in the west are realizing this thanks to REAL private citizen journalists and their tireless work and energy to expose the truth and reality.

Just remember today’s unravelling Russiagate story next time, like during tonight’s news bulletin, you hear any international news story that is criticizing another nation or its leader. It will almost certainly be a lie of some sort.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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