A Serious Pumpkin Pie Failure. America’s Homeless at Home and Abroad.


Pumpkin pie Recipes Often Make for Disaster

a) The domestic homeless in America

Isn’t it bizzare that nearly all of these “dwellings” proudly display the symbol of the empire that causes this inequality? As if, no matter how bad people’s lives are, they can always take heart from the idea that they are “Americans”…. widely considered the greatest country on earth (in America anyway).

This little tour long Tent Boulevard highlights the total hold that brainwashing and propaganda have over most Americans, even the most impoverished. These tent dwellers still proudly display their flag……for some strange reason.

b) America’s foreign homeless



Far worse than the homeless crisis in America, is the homeless disaster abroad that is caused by Washington’s endless foreign meddling. Foreign meddling often involves bombs which destroy the houses where ordinary people live.

There might be a count of the total number of displaced people living in tent cities as a direct result of American foreign interventions, but I’m not going to look for that today. We can just all accept I think, that the number will be in the millions.

So where to go from here?

It is clear that brainwashed Americans are so accepting of people living on a side-walk in their own country that they are not fazed at all to see the same thing in other countries. To see Homelessness directly caused by Americans.

Such is the power and control of modern propaganda that it is hard to see how this state of mind can ever change. Unless we can convince people, hopefully Americans more than any other, that their country is NOT the greatest nation on earth, that their endless wars and foreign meddling are a terrible blight on the innocent children of the world and that they need to break free of their slavish flag worshipping.

Even if this happens just one person at a time.

I’m an eternal optimist. It is another day tomorrow.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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