These Were in My Twitter Feed This Morning – Cooking and US Meddling


Ben’s second paragraph reads,

“I can name dozens of average Nicaraguans whose accounts were suspended. I am here (in Nicaragua) and I know them personally. They are average people who simply support the Sandinistas (government).”

In my twitter feed this morning were consecutive posts from CNN giant Jake Tapper and the relatively unknown guy Ben Norton.

We all know enough about the mainstream media giant CNN at least, even if you are not familiar with the lead figures such as Jake Tapper.


I follow Jake Tapper on Twitter.

Also in my Twitter feed today was the much less known guy, Ben Norton, a citizen jourmalist allied with citizen media site “The Grayzone.” The Grayzone is just a tiny speck on the landscape compared to CNN. I follow him on Twitter as well.

Ben Norton on “The Grayzone”


So this morning I saw consecutive tweets from both of these guys, Tapper and Norton in my feed. In fact there were many tweets on the issue of American interference in Nicaragua’s affairs from Norton, who is in Nicaragua to report first hand on the elections there.

The main theme of Ben’s tweets today was that many ordinary Nicaraguan people are having their social media accounts suspended in this week before the election. Why?

The official reason given by Facebook is that these ordinary people are bots controlled by the government and are detrimental to the authenticity of the electoral process.

There are two reasons why this is simply not believable,

  1. Ben Norton from the Grayzone has travelled to Nicaragua himself to moniter events and knows most of these censored individuals personally. They are not bots or trolls or foreign meddlers. They are ordinary people who are simply excercising their democratic right to express their political views in their own homeland. In this case, views in support of the Sandanista government. Which is the government that the United States spent decades trying to crush and defeat (unsuccessfully) creating much blood and suffering in the process.
  2. The other reason why Facebook’s assertion that these “subversives” are government controlled bots is not believable is that Facebook’s “Head of Threat Disruption” is none other than David Agranovich, who happens to be the former Director of Intelligence at the Whitehouse.


The totally incestuous nature of the modern western media, military and government organizations is simply unbelievable – almost. Here we have a former Whitehouse Intelligence Director now working for Facebook and purging accounts of anyone Washington doesn’t approve of in the run up to an election.

But no one can say they don’t know about these incestuous relationships between the elites as we have guys like Ben Norton travelling to the actual global location to report on it first hand. The Grayzone has made a name for itself in recents times with their brilliant “on the spot” and “straight up” reporting. It is one of the best small citizen media organizations there is. I’d recommend you check it out regularly.

So here we are in the run up to an election in Nicaragua and The Grayzone’s Ben Norton is reporting to the world on yet more blatant American election meddling there.

I found this out from his story line of tweets today on the spot in Nicaragua. The very next tweet I got in my feed today was from Jake Tapper at media giant CNN.

Was Mr Tapper and CNN reporting on Washington and Facebook’s election meddling in the Nicaraguan elections?

No. Jake Tapper was announcing the winner of a cooking contest, the winning dish being a Baclava and receiving his own personal vote we’re told. Rivetting and serious stuff indeed.

In the few weeks I have been following Jake tapper on CNN I can honestly say he has not said a single thing of any meaningful relevance.

But I suppose Mr Tapper gets alot of “likes” – which is all Wall St media is about now. Nothing about facts or truth or information. Just “likes” and censorship and ignoring western crimes such as invasions and other assorted foreign meddling.

That’s a lesson I learnt from Twitter today.

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