There ARE Limits to Western Propaganda It Seems


1914 – World War 1 Propaganda


Above is a western propaganda poster from World War 1. It shows the “Huns” as the Germans were known at the time, clawing the world with blood soaked hands. Long fingernails pierce the earth, presumably inflicting more pain and terror onto their hapless innocent victims.

I think you could ask almost anyone about what World War 1 was really about and hardly anyone could tell you. A few might know that ostensibly it started after an Arch Duke from some where, was assassinated by someone….for some reason. But I’d be surprised if many could tell much more than that.

But anyway, posters such as the one below were an important part of motivating the general western population into fighting someone they had never heard of, for reasons pretty much still unknown even today. These posters worked wonders.

And as it turned out, the ignorance of the masses would have been a saviour to the tens of millions of innocent people slaughtered in the trenches almost within earshot of each other on the battlefields of Europe from 1914 – 18.

For at the end of four years of appalling death and suffering and disease, the results of World War 1 were that all sides achieved precisely ….nothing.

But “The Great War” as it was called and even mentioned in such glorious terms by some still today, gave birth to the creation of the Propaganda industry.

Fast forward almost 100 years and we see a new similarly pointless war being waged by western forces on a new “enemy” – China. The American led war against China is multi-pronged. Financial and trade, diplomatic but thankfully, not as yet involving military.

One glimmer of hope in this new war on China is that the ideas and propaganda behind it are often completely unoriginal. Like this………..

2018 – Western Propaganda Poster


Above we see another western propaganda poster coming out of the western supported Hong Kong riots of 2018.

The fact that the new proponents of war are either too lazy or simply have insufficient creative energy to produce any new ideas in their demonization of another society, is a sign of optimism. For the 2018 Hong Kong riot propaganda poster is remarkably similar to the 1914 World War 1 propaganda.

Instead of demonizing ordinary German people, today America is demonizing China, and by extension, its people. You only have to read about the anti-asian hate crimes of today to see how effective this demonization is. In that guise, the themes of the two posters are remarkably similar.

A huge, violent giant taking over and terrorizing the world , today it being the claw of a red dragon – China. One hundred years ago it was monster of Hun Germany.

The fact that these themes are so similar tells me that the west have run out of ideas. The American domination of the world is coming to an end. For all the nearly trillion dollar military budgets they pass every year, they can not now think of anything new with which to demonize their latest target.

And that’s great. All empires end one day. Stale and unoriginal thinking paves the road to collapse. Let hope we are well down that road and future generations can enjoy a life free of the military domination of any nation and their endless wars.

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