The Covid Question Nobody is Asking.


“Health experts warn life-saving Covid-19 vaccine still years away”

Developing a vaccine is just one hurdle in the race to fight the dangerous virus

By Kelly Cannon 22 February 2020.

Headlines like this one from America’s ABC News were common last year, 2020, in articles about Covid-19. Experts around the global said a Covid vaccine would be at least 1.5 – 2 years away, after the “discovery” of the new virus was announced in China on January 1, 2020.

This was after the new virus had already been found to be a member of the Coronavirus family. And although Malaria is a completely different type of disease to Covid-19, it took several decades to develop an effective vaccine to that.

So using the minimum timeframe of 18 months from the first quarter of 2020, this means most scientists were saying there would be no Covid-19 vaccine until at least June-August 2021, maybe Christmas of 2021.

Covid 19 was a new type of flu-like virus that we’re told came from bats in a cave in Wuhan. Sure, scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had already been working with bat viruses but this was a new virus wasn’t it? Unknown in nature.

But in unprecedented fashion, an entirely new Covid 19 vaccine was able to be created not in 1.5 – 2 years, but in just a few months.

New York Times November 9, 2020

“Early Pfizer Covid Trial Results Announced”

If Pfizer were announcing their trial results in November 2020, surely the trial must have already been ongoing for at least a month you’d think, maybe three. After all, things normally progress extremely slowly in medical fields as we’re dealing with human medicenes after all – there would be much research, failures, more research, possible solutions, trials on animals, monitering, wider trials on animals, monitering, limited human trials, monitering, wider human trials, monitering, report writing for international peer review, waiting for feedback…..

So even lasting only the rediculously short time of just one month, the Covid vaccine trials must have been started in late September, early October 2020.

Which means the Covid vaccine was already developed in perhaps 6-9 months, not 2 years.

So with Covid 19, we go from announcing the discovery of an entirely new and novel virus found in caves in China to the global western media announcing early trial results of a vaccine in a span of just 9 months. From February 2020 to November 2020.

Done and dusted.


As a non-medical scientist in a previous life, I know how long even simple development projects can take, and then trials after that even longer. In the medical world, this process is greatly amplified and extended. We are dealing with human life and safety after all.

So, does it seem believable that, starting from scratch, an entirely safe and effective vaccine can be developed and largely tested in a few months?

Of course, it was found that Covid 19 was a new member of an already existing family of viruses and certain things would have been known about that family of viruses. So there would have been a body of existing knowledge about it.

But, as I understand it, this was the first coronavirus that was able to jump from animals to humans and then spread rapidly between humans in a matter of months. Viruses have been able to jump from animals to humans before, but none have caused significant global pandemics so quickly. Covid 19 has.

Why has Covid 19 been so easily able to jump from bats in caves in Wuhan to quickly spreading and killing millions of people all around the world in little over 12 months? More puzzling than this behaviour of the virus, is how were humans able to develop and test a vaccine even more quickly than that to combat this new virus?

One explanation is that scientists already knew much more about the Covid 19 virus than they let on.

Is it possible that scientists even created Covid 19 and therefore already knew alot about how to combat it?

That is a possible explanation as to how we were able to create and test a covid 19 vaccine so quickly – because we created the virus in the first place.

The fact that government and media organizations have consistently said that this virus was NOT created in a lab, only supports the theory, according to Armstrong’s Law of Media, that it actually was.

Like most other major global stories with uncertain origins, we will no doubt find out more about the origin of Covid 19 one day. By then no one will care, except for nutty blog writers, as we’ll all be battling the latest scary global narrative pushed by the mainstream media.

Who knows what that will be.

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