Are Attractive Young Ladies Often Used as Emotional Clickbait for Western Propaganda?


1) “The Strange Tale of Yeonmi Park”

A high-profile North Korean defector has harrowing stories to tell. But are they true?

from The Diplomat – a Washington based online news portal


Read about the inconsistencies in her “defector” story from this Washington news portal. Love her attire don’t we? Traditional Korean gown in soft pink. Awwww…… so cute. She cries as she testifies.

She’s an attractive lady and goes onto become a western media personality based upon her “defection”.

North Korean “defector” Yeonmi Park today in the USA

2) How False Testimony and U.S. Propaganda Bolstered George H.W. Bush’s War on Iraq.

The first Great Lie of the Gulf War came from from this young lady, “Nayirah. She cries too, when testifing – falsely – to the US Congress about atrocities she had (not) witnessed in Kuwait. She is the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA.

They don’t try very hard to conceal the lies these days.


3) Iranian Victim: “Identity mix-up with shot Neda wrecked my life”.



This is a really confusing one. An attractive young lady was allegedly shot dead by Iranian authorities near an anti-govt protest in 2009. I think she is the one on the right below and is in the picture above.

The New York Times explains, “It was hot in the car, so the young woman and her singing instructor got out for a breath of fresh air on a quiet side street not far from the antigovernment protests they had ventured out to attend. A shot was fired from the rooftop of a private house across the street”.

It seems very strange to me that Iranian authorities would randomly shoot an innocent and peaceful young lady dead in cold blood who was not even as yet in attendance at the anti – government protest. Why would they do that? Pretty stupid isn’t it? Risking a major provocation at an anti-govt rally.

That scenario is as hard to believe as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad supposedly attacking his citizens with chemical weapons when UN Chemical weapons inspectors were already working in Syria at the same time. Of course, we found out later that many or all of the chemical weapons attacks in Syria were faked by friends of the west.


But apart from the illogic of shooting dead an innocent young lady for no reason, there was another aspect to the shooting which caused confusion. Apparently, another totally different, still living, lady with a similar name, Neda Soltani, was publicly targeted after the shooting as her picture had been used by mistake in the media, as the shooting victim.

I’ve found many times in the past that when any sort of confusion or inconsistency arises during or after the media reporting of a tragedy, often there is something wrong with the story itself.

Particularly about Iran, one of the most slandered nations in recent times. The details of this case, and all the others here, won’t be presented. I’m just wondering if there is a pattern in all these contentious stories that involves attractive young ladies being used to gather attention and sympathy.

4) Sergei Skripal Poisoning.



Who would you think the intended victim of the alleged poisoning was, looking at this BBC media picture? Whose picture is featured more prominently?

In many western media articles, it seemed to me that the attractive young daughter Yulia Skripal was featured instead of her spy father. She featured prominently in much of the western media, rather than her father.

Aside from this, the alleged way the Mr Skripal was targeted by the Russian government, years after he went to the UK to live, seemed hard to believe. Why would the Russians target his daughter too in such a clumsy way anyway? They both “survived” anyway, hardly good work from such ruthless killers that we’re always told the Russians are.

And where would we be talking about media slants if we didn’t mention Xinjiang? Sure enough, many of the ladies giving testimony to western media were attractive crying ladies.

5) Tursunay Ziyawudun Uighur Testimony “Full Of Holes.”

The SOURCE of this Picture is a bit of a giveaway


The small number of people who have allegedly defected or “escaped” from Xinjiang’s “concentration camps” include Tursunay Ziyawudun.

There are several other posts at pumpkinpiefailures and many on the net which deal with inconsistencies in Ms Ziyawudun’s and other Uighur stories so I’m not going to dwell on her now other than to note Ms Ziyawudun fits the pattern of attractive ladies, displaying their emotions for the western media and world to see, when describing alleged activities for which there is often little or no other real evidence. Emotion over facts.

6) American Amelia Pang – She “Forgot” she was a Uigher. Wrote a Book after She Remembered.


American Amelia Pang says herself in her own words that she “forgot” she was a Uighur as she is only 1/8th Uighur. When she remembered this about herself, after reading about all the “suffering” of her fellow Uighurs in Xinjiang, convienently there was the UHRP organization on hand to fund a book tour of America for her to promote her “Uighurness” to a waiting western world.

The UHRP – Uighur Human Rights Project – is another of the plethora of American government funded propaganda organizations parading as being independently minded and promoting freedom (USA style only that is). They are a joke like all of these organizations.


These are just a few of the examples I have noted over the last year or two about “contentious” news stories. Is there a pattern? Who knows. We should never judge things looking at emotions. Facts, as best we can know them, are the only way forward. Common sense helps alot too.

You won’t find many facts in the western Wall St media these days these days that is for sure.

People would be less sceptical about the content of the western media if they stopped printing so many lies. But that’s hardly likely.

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