Is Covid-19 an American Bioweapon Prototype?


The headline sounds a bit “far out” and slightly conspiracy minded doesn’t it. It may well be just that, but who knows – it is always good to keep an open mind about everything and explore all possibilities. Especially as there are several things which just don’t add up about what we know about Covid 19.

It was only in May 2021 when President Biden, during his lucid hours, ordered the 19 American Intelligence agencies to find the origins of Covid 19 virus. He gave them 90 days. That deadline would have been around the end of August. It is nearly the end of October and I don’t recall seeing any local media coverage of the conclusions of this report.

(I’ll go and Google it…..)

Ok, I see now that there was a US intelligence report done after 90 days and it concluded that the origins of Covid 19 are “inconclusive.” I never saw this report on our media in NZ so it seems this was not a major news item. So no help from the might of American intelligence.

The “inconclusive origins” intelligence report gave the same conclusion as the WHO led investigation from earlier in 2021. It seems we are being told we can’t ever know for sure where Covid 19 came from.

If we invoke the well established “Armstrong’s Law of Media,” – ALM – which says taking the exact opposite of everything we read or watch or see in the mainstream media will bring us closer to the truth – means that, yes, indeed, Covid 19 did leak from a lab, probably in Wuhan, China where it was first detected.

Dr Antony Fauci, head of the US National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, has been a strong voice in dismissing the lab leak theory all along. Using ALM, his strong and ongoing denials of the lab leak theory means he knows the lab leak theory is true. He might even have deeper connections with the lab leak.

Or are we just getting carried away and is Covid 19 just a natural virus which “jumped” from animals to humans from a cave near Wuhan, which by coincidence, is where the high level BSL-4 biosecurity lab was located?

Vanity Fair magazine has been investigating Covid 19 origins for some time now. In a recent article, reporters from the magazine were told by US State Department officials that they, the officials, were told by higher authorities not to enquire too deeply into the origins of Covid 19 as that would open a “Pandora’s Box.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vanity-fair-covid.png


What might a Covid-19 can of worms look like? Has there ever been a beneficial and positive can of worms? Why are can of worms always hidden from public eyes in the first place?

Clearly, cans containing worms and certain types of boxes contain things some people would rather not be made public. Otherwise, why store it in a box?

Getting back to my sensational headline, would America or anyone else ever be really interested in creating biological weapons in the real world, for use in killing real people? Actually yes, as it happens, some people are interested. Very powerful Americans at least have been interested in biological weapons in the recent past. And like alot of America’s dubious global activities these days, they are not even shy about talking about using biological weapons on people.

The Project for a New American Century – PNAC – was a now disbanded “Think Tank” created by Far Right Neo-Conservative American figures which (in)formally advised several Washington regimes on foreign policy. Some PNAC members went on to work in both the Bush and Trump regimes.

One of the founding Director’s of the PNAC was John Bolton, the man with alleged anger management issues and such extreme right wing opinions, that he was sacked even by President Donald Trump. This should give you some idea of the tone and intent of this organization.

Did anyone actually listen to the PNAC? They sure did. Several of its violent recommendations were carried out in the George W Bush and Donald Trump regimes, such as America fighting multiple wars simultaneously on earth and America taking control of cyber space and outer space.

This could be a Rogues Gallery of War Criminals – if this wasn’t an American organization


The PNAC had other recommendations in addition to fighting multiple wars. In one PNAC document the think tank writes,

“Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

Project for a New American Century, THINK TANK 1997

Here we have political figures from the Bush and Trump Whitehouses – leaders of the free world according to them – openly talking about the potential to develop biological terror weapons and use them as a “politically useful tool.”

A tool to do what one wonders?

Most worryingly of all, these extreme right wing Washington figures talk of using advanced terrorist biological weapons that are specific to certain genotypes.

Genotypes are the genetic make up of humans. Different groups of people have different genotypes.

So what these powerful American right wing figures seem to be saying is that biological weapons might be able to be produced which can kill only certain types of people, whilst leaving others unaffected.

Imagine if a nation creates a virus that mostly targets and kills asian people, or that nation can target and kill only black people? Or blonde people maybe? Who knows what’s in the pipeline. And as all this killing could be achieved using invisible biological entities, there’d be no one to blame would there? Invisible but deadly viruses like a genotype targeted “Covid 19 on steroids” could be created to kill millions that you don’t like, even if your friends were living side by side with them. Virus warefare would make smart bombs and drones look like stone age weapons. And it would be done invisibly.

That’s true terror.

It is absolutely 100% certain that if the USA had nothing to do with Covid 19 origins and that China had alot to do with it, this golden PR/propaganda opportunity would be plastered over every western TV, handphone screen and newspaper outlet 24 hours a day for months on end. It would be relentless, remorseless, full on attack.

That is just how mainstream media works – profiting from ratings, from getting people’s attention. It doesn’t matter if the story is true or not. If the topic made ordinary westerners demonize China and Chinese people that is just all the better. That is how the modern media and Public Relations works.

But wait – no western media outlet is promoting this anti-China story. It’s very strange for them to give up such a golden opportunity voluntarily.

Is there some angle not yet exposed which inhibites western media interest in the Covid “lab leak” story?

So the never asked, but critically important question remains – why aren’t we seeing 24/7 western media coverage on the Wuhan Lab leak idea? What is the as yet, unexposed angle about the origins of Covid 19?

Remember, it doesn’t matter if a media story is true or not for it to be actively promoted. Think Russiagate, Trump Collusion, WMDs in Iraq, Syria government chemical weapons attacks and the Iran nuclear program. None of these stories were really true but all were massively promoted globally and shamelessly so in the west.

So truth has nothing to do with media stories – there must be something else holding back western mainstream media in telling the Wuhan “lab leak” story.

Has it got anything to do with this?

Its looking quite possible that the research into creating Covid-19 was being done by America, simply using a lab in Wuhan China as cover. Some of project was being led by British scientist Dr Peter Dasuk. So who else was involved and/or funding it?

Remember, it was Dr Fauci from America who said several times, from the beginning, that the virus didn’t leak from a lab even though evidence so far points to the fact that it did.

He probably said that it didn’t because it was him funding part of the research in Wuhan all along. And now all we hear from multiple expert groups is that everything is “inconclusive.”

When has anything ever been “inconclusive” ?


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