German Journalist Highlights Powerful Western Media Propaganda & Narrative Control



I came across this short interview of a 25 year long journalism veteran from Germany, Dr Udo Ulfkotte. 


Dr Ulfkotte here confesses to his past journalistic cooperation with American and German intelligence organisations where he knowingly signed off on totally false news stories that were written by, and forwarded to him, by agents of the CIA and German Intelligence.

These are articles which were not written by him but were published in his name and they subsequently went around the world in the mainstream media. 

Textbook state Propaganda.

Dr Ulfkotte is alerting ordinary westerners as to how frequently false global media narratives are created and perpetuated, often in support of warmongering and the western invasions of much weaker, non-aggressive nations. Perhaps we can forgive Dr Ulfkotte of his past transgressions as a result of his seemingly genuine remorse and confession.

Dr Ulfkotte’s message here confirms the notion that CIA’s Operation Mockingbird – starting in the World War Two era – to infiltrate western global media organizations and promote false stories around the world was never actually cancelled as officially announced. It is still alive and well. Or maybe it has morphed into algorithmic programming. Or probably both.

After various Congressional investigations from the 1970s all but confirmed its decades long existance, the long standing status of Operation Mockingbird was finally confirmed in 2007 after the declassification of US government documents.

All activity of US Intelligence in the global Media area was supposed to have ended. It is hardly surprising that it wasn’t. It would have been quite naieve to believe that it had.

In fact, it is quite likely that more than just the CIA are still highly active in promoting false global narratives about fake enemies. Undoubtedly the UK’s MI6 does the same thing and in Europe, German intelligence at least, spreads similar government propaganda. As Jimmy Carter observed, “before you can attack another nation’s people, you have to demonize them in the minds of your own people”… so that when you start killing them, this does not bother your voters.

It is also quite certain in fact, that most governments engage in the same activity, including Russia and China, but one must ask two questions first of all,

a) “who actually controls the global media and the narratives we hear each day?”

Answer: It is not Russia or China, it is the USA and UK,

b) “which nations actively and regularly invade other smaller countries to loot treasure and enrich themselves?”

Answer: Again, it is (mostly) not Russia or China, and again, it is the USA and UK.

But before this ongoing and blatant AUKUS warmongering can take place, the public must be silently manipulated into thinking that the intended target merits strong military action. You know, the WMD’s thing in some form or other. In Venezuela the fake narrative was electoral fraud and corruption of the Maduro government even though highly respected former US president Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Foundation has monitered hundred of elections around the world, commented that elections in Venezuela are top notch and authentic.

But that is the power of Western global propaganda. Billions of westerners are controlled into “active inaction” before, during and after the blatant warmongering of their own nations and intelligence agencies. And there doesn’t seem to be any limit to how many times this technique can be used before wearing out its welcome. I mean, how many times will ordinary people fall for the same old media mind tricks? Sadly the answer to that is not encouraging at present, for ordinary people do keep falling for the same tricks.

Good to remember the words of Dr Ulfkotte the next time you read something negative about China’s “aggression”, Russia’s election interference, anything about Iran, terrorists, Afghanistan, Muslims, etc, etc… in the mainstream Wall St media. 

Dr Ulfkotte died after this interview was made at the age of 56. He was clearly a concern for the types of people he had worked with previously and that he commented on this in the RT America interview. His Wikipedia page labels him as a “Conspiracy theorist”.

Ha ha. That’s a badge of honour actually.

From all of my reading over the years I’ve concluded that this label – conspiracy theorist – is usually given to two types of people,

a) genuine conspiracy nutters, claiming out fake moon landings, lizard people and other banal or irrelevant trivia, or,

b) dangerous, genuine and truth telling people of integrity.

Remember, before action can be taken against dangerous people or nations, they must be demonized in the minds of your people. Throwing around the muddy label of “Conspiracy Theorist” frequently does the trick.

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