Honest Billionaire Admits His US “Politico” Media Purchase Will Be Used For Propaganda

American Media Giant POLITICO’S New German Owner


The billionaire CEO of the multibillion-dollar corporation that recently purchased the American news media outlet POLITICO has said that its newly acquired employees will be required to support Israel and the capitalist world order.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mathias Döpfner, CEO of the German publisher Axel Springer, said that Politico staffers will be required to adhere to a set of principles which include,

  • support for a united Europe
  • Israel’s right to exist
  • a free-market economy
  • and other ideas

These values are like a Constitution, they apply to every employee of our company,” Mr. Döpfner said. People with a fundamental problem with any of these principles “should not work for Axel Springer, very clearly,” he said.

How refreshing is that?

How often does a multi-national corporation buy up an established American media organisation, such as Politico, and just straightforwardly tell you that they’re going to be using it to push western propaganda?

They are even saying what the propaganda will be! Tremendous!

It makes you feel like your intelligence is being respected huh? That you’re not just another drone worker and consumer of Media hype and Walmart toys.

Supporting global capitalism and defending the Israeli apartheid regime are of course, both very standard positions promoted by all billionaire media outlets in the western world; the outlets just aren’t normally honest enough to tell you that.

Normally they pretend to be an “objective free press” reporting “truthfully” about what’s going on in the world; normally their CEOs do not publically explain the establishment biases its reporters will need to promote if they want to work there.

So this is a really wonderful thing. If the Germans can spread more of their world-renowned frankness throughout the operations of the mass-scale plutocratic propaganda, we’ll all be better off for it.

This transparency is refreshing to hear from someone who will be manipulating public thought on such matters going forward.

I mean, wouldn’t it have saved alot of time if after Jeff Bezos had purchased the Washington Post in 2013 he had been totally open about the fact that billionaires need to buy up media narrative control to protect the status quo upon which their sprawling kingdoms are built?

That would have been far better than the feigned objectivity we normally get from these people, which should in theory, insult our intelligence.

Mr Döpfner is reportedly worth over a billion dollars, and his company employer Axel Springer Co is worth an estimated $6.8 billion. He is married to the daughter of a former management board member of Deutsche Bank. So propagandizing the public in favor of a free-market economy for the elites – as opposed to a planned economy which benefits the needful and the environment – is a no brainer really.

Mr Döpfner has called himself a non-Jewish Zionist, and has long called support for Israel “a German duty.

There are probably better ways for Germany to atone for its violent racist apartheid ethnostate past than to back a violent racist apartheid ethnostate which imprisons a persecuted ethnic and religious demographic in an open air concentration camp to the geostrategic advantage of today’s imperialist powers based in Washington DC.

But it seems Mr Döpfner understands the fate of plutocrats who had failed to manufacture the consent of the masses – they have historically wound up with their heads on a spike. Mr Döpfner and his new western media prize – POLITICO – will undoubtedly achieve the usual excellent standards of precision German engineering.

If people weren’t precisely engineered on how to think about things, they would never consent to allowing most of the world’s wealth and power to go to the elites who are so ill-suited to rule over it.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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