Are You On A Purple Path?

Where is your path going?


“Life is a journey” or so we are told by gossip magazine astrologers and new age self help gurus – but maybe those self help guru’s are old hat now.

I suppose it is true enough. My life has taken a steady move away from how I used to live and think, and it is still moving. Jumping into the world of global social media these last 3 months being the latest iteration of this ongoing change. As I wrote in another post, “Do you Live your life Forwards or Backwards?” I am very happy to be still living “forwards”, still asking questions and finding my answers.

But although there is a growing global movement that is helping to carry me along this new path, there still remains large numbers of people in mainly countries that we have historically considered white, christian nations, who tread the same old paths. These labels are less relevent today but the thinking of many of their inhabitants persists and indeed, is completely dominant in their elite circles.

This type of “historical empire” thinking can be explained by this excellent global map released recently by various global experts after a much detailed and highly praised study of history…….




Do you see my little country, New Zealand down there at the bottom right? “hi ya :o)”

Purple is a true representation of my nation today. Ask anyone at random in New Zealand about the statements listed on this map, and sadly you will probably get a majority answering in the affirmative to most of these.

And that sums up my journey this last decade or two. In the past I would have answered in the affirmative as well to many of these statements. Certainly, I was a supporter in the “rightness” of the Gulf War of 1991 and the people who launched it and carried it out, including Colin Powell and George H W Bush. These people are no more and neither is my thinking that supported them.

It is unfortunate that I don’t personally know of anyone else who is on my path. I have come across many great people on my social media journey, but I’ll probably never know them, let alone meet them or even swap a message. I have witnessed how unimagineably vast the world of social media is and also how unimagineably irrelevent most of it is.

Just a colourlful distraction. I think it was UK Philosopher Bertrand Russell who once said something like,

“You can present a mountain load of facts to people but all they want to see is a circus.”

Sad and tragically true. When I see how vast and how trivially irrelevent social media is, I sometimes wonder should I bother with my tiny contributions? After all, almost no-one is ever going to see them and the things I write about are hardly novel or unknown. But I’ll carry on for now. It is an interesting experience.

I don’t inhabit a “purple” country any more although I do still live there. I now see how these few nations above DO self-righteously dominate the world – but everyone I know still does live there. Friends I have had for over 40 years are eternally permanent residents in the purple countries.

They’re still great people of course. It is just that we live in two different worlds now, and our friendships have changed forever. The real friendships will last but sadly others may well drop off the radar. Such is life.

But anyway, here is another day’s thoughts. I am very happy being part of the non-purple world now. I hope these empire building purple nations are an extinct species by the end of this decade. I’ll continue to do my bit to help.

Have a great day where ever you are, purple or not.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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