Another Western Massacre Cover Up – “October 17”

“But we must never forget Tiananmen Square!”

Western Propaganda Followers

Sixty years ago, on the night of October 17, 1961, some 30,000 Algerians living in Paris peacefully demonstrated to support Algerian independence and voice their opposition against a strict curfew imposed on them by French authorities. But as night fell, witnesses recall seeing people shot and killed when armed French police charged into the crowds.

For years, the official death toll of the 1961 massacre was only three but like most government massacres, the precise number of victims has never been made clear and some activists claim several hundred people were killed.

According to historian Jean-Luc Einaudi, the authorities intended not only to stop the demonstration but to kill the protesters; Police officers even threw some of the demonstrators alive into the River Seine, killing them by drowning.

France has so far refused to officially apologize to Algeria as a state for its colonial crimes.

President Emmanuel Macron admits that a massacre of Algerians in Paris was “inexcusable” and condemned the crimes committed that night under the command of the Paris police chief Maurice Papon, saying,

“This tragedy was long hushed-up, denied or concealed” Macron admitted.

However, the French president stopped short of issuing a formal apology after decades of state cover-up. Activists hoped Macron, the first president born in the post-colonial era, would go further than his predecessor François Hollande, who acknowledged in 2012 that protesting Algerians had been “killed during a bloody repression”.

Activists had hoped for an even stronger recognition of responsibility, with Gilles Manceron, a French historian and member of the League for Human Rights (LDH) wanting recognition that the massacre constituted a state crime.

Algerian President Abdelmadjidn Tebboune has called the massacre “a crime against humanity”, calling for an approach free of “colonialist thought” on issues concerning his country and France,

“I reaffirm our strong concern for treating issues of history and memory without complacency or compromising principles, and with a sharp sense of responsibility”, free from “the dominance of arrogant colonialist thought,” Tebboune said in a statement released by his office.

The bloodshed revealed the horror of “massacres and crimes against humanity that will remain engraved in the collective memory,” he added.

The statement came shortly after Tebboune declared that Algeria would observe a minute’s silence each October 17 in memory of the victims.

Algeria won its independence from France in 1962 after a long and very bloody military struggle.

* * * * *

So here we are again. Another bloody massacre committed against peaceful protestors in the heart of one of the most famous western capital cities – covered up, marginalized and forgotten for decades.

This week’s bleak anniversary in Paris comes after American involvement in the South Korean military government’s “Gwangju massacre” on May 18, 1980 came to light in recent years.

So…. here we have three separate massacres carried out by three separate state authorities in the years between 1961 and 1989.

But only ONE massacre is ever written about in the international media – year after year after year.

“We must never forget Tiananamen Square !” we are told year after year after year by western propagandists and their adherents. For your info, that date is June 4. There is even a large rock in my city in New Zealand commemorating the event. Look next year in your local newspaper or TV news – June 4 and events in Beijing will certainly be there. We are never allowed to forget that.

So the obvious question that any open minded and rational person would ask is,

Why aren’t the May 18 and October 17 massacres in the news year after year after year as well?

These massacre dates are never mentioned at all in our Wall St media because those dates mark atrocities carried out by western or western friendly governments. June 4 was not. That was done by China’s government. We must never mention our own crimes.

It is really so blatant and pathetic how western media readers so easily dismiss these obvious questions. Most media readers are surely not even aware that these events exist.

Until we disengage ourselves from Western Wall St controlled media , these secret crimes against humanity will continue to blot our world. In broad daylight.


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