I Was Banned After 3 Days on Reddit… lol




Since beginning my journey into social media these last months I have discovered much!

The last site I joined recently was Reddit. In my mind, Reddit was a place where “edgy”, sometimes “wild” and “controversial” things took place. A site to really “engage” in.

Was it? Well….no. It is nothing like those things. Not at all. Quite the opposite.

Reddit consists of thousands of communities – which are free to join and jump into – centering around every concievable subject. Sort of.

I thought it would be simple to join communities centering around the sorts of issues you’ll find on my web site. But no, it wasn’t simple at all.

Things immediately looked grim just reading through the vast array of rules, regulations, guidelines, moderation crimes, and must do and don’ts that greeted every potential community visitor. Not feeling welcome or willing to abide by all of the strict content controls in one community, I searched for another. And another and another…….Current Affairs….? No. History….? No. US politics?…No. Global politics…..? No. Geopolitics…? well, I’m not banned from there yet.

Eventually, I found a community called “Controversial Opinions.” Wow! This sounds like it could be a home for me I thought! They said they practice free speech as much as possible, but within normal Reddit guidelines, which, as you’ll recall, I admit I didn’t fully read as I gave up after page 250.

But hey, if you can’t post factual and not-at-all misleading information in a social media community called “Controversial Opinions” then where could you post it? I mean, I thought Reddit people were supposed to be “out there”, and they discussed the most insane and potentially conspiracy theories and novel ideas in complete freedom.

Actually, Reddit people don’t seem like that at all.

Reddit is simply thousands of groups full of like minded people, who stick together in their groups, whilst criticising people in other groups, but who never actually meet and communicate in any meaningful way with anyone outside of their own group, on any subject more substantive than “thick vs thin” pizza crusts.

But “Controversial Opinions” seemed like a place to go so I jumped in and shared a few posts from pumpkinpiefailures.com to generate conversation. That plan lasted 3 days.

Without warning or reason I’m temporarily banned, something akin to teacher telling you to go sit in the corner of the classroom to learn your lesson and generally be ashamed of yourself for wearing the wrong school uniform pants.

Seeing as I only got to page 250 of the Reddit rules and regulations I may never know exactly what I did that was so terrible. Maybe I’ll dig out some of my short stories from Elementary School and post those in Reddit’s “Controversial Opinions” community instead. They should be alright to get past the censors huh?

But who knows in this day and age of total mind and media control. Nothing gets past the censors – visible or not – that upsets the established narratives of the elites.

Ask Julian Assange.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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