Saudi Arabia Moves Into UK Football (Soccer) – Yuk!

Why do Western Leaders fall over themselves, bowing to and kissing Saudi Arabia’s brutal autocratic leaders, whilst selling them world record amounts of military weapons? That country has possibly the worst human rights record in the world, it allegedly spreads extremist Islamic terror around the world and it was seemingly intimately involved in 9/11? 

We live in a bizzare world don’t we?



Why was an Amercian leader bowing to people who run their country in the manner that the article below indicates?

In 2014, the so-called “modernizing” Saudi Arabia declared it a crime for ladies with “tempting eyes” (that’s a legal term in Saudi Arabia) to show them in public.



Covering up the “Tempting Eyes” of your women requires a bow apparently.

At least Obama stops at bowing.

“Lovely to See You”

If you are not aware of it, there has been an ongoing campaign in the western world to “normalize” and “soften” the appalling international image that Saudi Arabia has righfully earned itself. This white-washing campaign started long before the latest de-facto ruler of the autocratic kingdom – MBS – arrived on the scene.

The MBS helmed and latest version of this hideous western attempt to normalize terror and extremism has taken a bit of a beating in recent years. We’ve seen plenty of attention in our totally subserviant media about women being allowed to drive cars and picture theatres opening in Saudi Arabia. What movies are they going to show there? “How-to” guides on beheading? “History of the Infidels”? And are the women going to drive there?

Public Relations companies are extremely powerful, very clever and frequently successful at manipulating global public opinions, as written in a previous post here, “Propaganda begins with PR”.

But even the best of them must be challenged by the sheer enormity of the task of “softening” the image of MBS and Saudi Arabia in general.

Huge American Propaganda tours with glowing wall to wall media coverage showing MBS to be just a regular “Starbucks type of guy” just won’t cut it – hopefully. The facts run too contrary to that narrative – or do they? It is a closer contest than civilized people might imagine.

Just Regular Starbucks Billionaire Buddies : MBS left, Bloomberg right

International condemnation rained down on Saudi Arabia in 2018 when Jamal Khashoggi – a prominent Saudi born, US based journalist who wrote for The Washington Post – was dismembered alive by a Saudi hit squad in a Saudi embassy.

MBS (left) “most likely” ordered US based journalist Jamal Khashogghi to be dismembered alive


The CIA says that MBS most likely approved the killing, which he denies. And of course, we all believe him….and nothing happens.

There has also been international revulsion at Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the Yemen War, another brainchild of MBS. International organizations are pleading for mercy on behalf of the traumatized and death & poverty ridden Yemeni people. But apart from the occasional fleeting and unengaged western media headline, this particular travesty of Saudi-US led mass torture goes unnoticed, like all the others.

The normalizing of Saudi Arabia in western eyes now seems to be stuck in traffic. A little progress here, another set back there. So now we have a new approach. It’s called “Sports-Washing”. Undesirables legitimize and normalize themselves by getting involved in something everybody loves – Sports.

Not involved as in playing or coaching sports – they just using their gigantic pits of money to gain respectibilty in the eyes of a zombie like western public. Or at least gain some tolerance. If the sport in question prospers from the injection of money so much the better.

So Saudi Arabia’s sovereign Public Investment Fund now owns 80 percent of the Newcastle United Premier League Soccer team in Britain via purchase by a consortium of interests, of which the Saudis are by far the biggest. Yuk.

The consortium buying the UK premier team says the Saudi Public Investment fund is independent from the Saudi government and the Premier League says it has received “legally binding assurances” that this is the case. This is of course, complete nonsense as the fund’s board is composed of all un-elected Saudi government ministers and its chairman is MBS himself. Mr Starbucks Guy.

Well, it hardly matters in this bizzare world we live in. Most people just blindly follow their invisible rulers around, being led by the nose.

“Newcastle fans react wildy in support of Saudi deal”

The British Premier League soccer fans are ecstatic to have their sporting heroes paid for by one of the worst human rights abusers on earth. But who cares if the team can score goals? Goals generated by the corpses of their financial backer’s victims.

Who is up next then?

Maybe North Korea can buy out the posh London based Chelsea Soccer Club? Will Major League Baseball get an outing in Saudi Arabia perhaps? I’d love to see the Saudi Women’s baseball team play.

“Birds of a feather tend to stick together.”

ONE BIG HAPPY G20 FAMILY – What does the G stand for?

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