US Nonsense About China is (almost) Impossible to Believe. Millions still do.





Even I found this out by just a simple and careful reading of the mainstream Wall St media coverage of this Chinese “war-mongering” – the recent sending of Chinese airforce planes into “the airspace” of Taiwan.

Taiwan is recognized by the only international body authorized to make classifications of nationhood – the United Nations – as being an integral part of China. There is only ONE China and it includes Taiwan. The province of Taiwan has no more representation on the UN General Assembly than the American state of Ohio does. Why would it?

The Wall St media even said that the Taiwan airspace “zone” – completely arbitrary as it seems – extends over to the mainland of China. I didn’t realize that the zone was quite as big as it actually is claimed.

Did anyone listen or understand what that meant?

According to this measure then, Beijing is threatening the province of Taiwan’s airspace even when flying its own planes over its own mainland ! I guess that is America’s ultimate goal – to penalize China for even going about its own business quietly and lawfully.

When the next major American led war comes – probably with China – on whose conscience will it be ?

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