So, We Have Another Totally Ignored Leak on Corruption


So, now we have the “Pandora Papers”. Some more extremely brave people have risked everything to bring this information to the world. Why did they bother?

Does anyone in the western world really care what goes on in the halls of power and the boardrooms of the elites? It doesn’t look like it. Yes, everyone loves to moan and bitch about someone else, or the other lot, but, in the end no one does anything.

We have had how many leaks now? The Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers and other smaller ones. What happens each time? Nothing. Why not?

Because people are too disinterested, too uneducated and too brainwashed to care or even try to understand what is happening here.

And the worst aspect of alot of these “leaks” is that what they expose is NOT illegal. It is how the world works every day. It is nothing new. I have had a link on my “Must See Documentary” section on this site for months, called “The Spider’s Web : Britain’s Second Empire”. This excellent documentary highlights very clearly what the problems are within our society – I see that no one has clicked on it. Why bother having it there??

Of course, nothing is going to happen as the people who are supposed to be keeping things on the straight and narrow….are the same people who are ripping off the public as it says in the above doco.

This is life folks.

The real brave souls who do all the hard yards for the rest of us soldier on trying to wake people up. I’m not sure it can ever be achieved. People’s brains look like the picture above and they don’t even know it.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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