Another US Atrocity – Shooting Down Iran Air Flight 655




On July 3, 1988 the American military launched an unprovoked missile attack on a fully laden and defenceless Iranian civilian airliner, which was flying within its normal civilian airspace, on its routine flightpath, and emitting all the required electronic signals to be recognized as a civilian aircraft. 

The state of the art USS Vincennes Warship fired 2 missiles at Iran Air flight 655, destroying it instantly and killing all of its 290 passengers and crew.

 An American government cover up begins immediately when its soon obvious that a civilian airliner full of people had been destroyed for no reason.

A few of the long litany of American lies concerning their atrocity are highlighted below.


Initial USA Claim : “The shooting down was precipitated by ‘distress calls’ from oil tankers in the Persian Gulf stating that they were under attack by Iranian military boats.” 

FACT : There were NO distress calls from any oil tankers. USS Vincennes Commander Admiral William Crowe in Congressional testimony 4 years later could give no reason why he and his bridge crew made claims of distress calls when in fact, there were never any distress calls of any kind.

USA Claim:  “The USS Vincennes was on a routine patrol.”

FACT : The Vincennes was operating illegally inside Iranian territorial waters, and, as testified by Captain Carlson of the USS Sides, another American war ship which was nearby, the USS Vincennes was constantly making aggressive moves inside Iranian territory. This American testimony was not revealed until 1992 during a Congressional hearing on the atrocity.




USA Claim : “Iran Air flight 655 was descending and heading straight for the Vincennes”

FACT :  Flight 655 was a large and slow moving civilian airliner. Its radar shape, speed and form would look nothing like a small fast and agile fighter jet. It was slowly ascending AWAY FROM the Vincennes as per its regular civilian flight path and could not possibly have made any unusual or threatening moves. Instrument records from the USS Vincennes and the nearby USS Sides confirmed this. Only the personal testimonies of the 9 bridge crew of the USS Vincennes – including Admiral Crowe – were in contradiction to the instrument readings of both US ships.

The same 9 crew had no explanation as to why their testimony was contradicted by their own instrument readings and by instrument readings of the USS Sides.

USA Claim : “the Vincennes made an understandable mistake.”

FACT : There is nothing in any of the facts which supports – in even a tiny way – the claim that this shoot down was a “mistake”, let alone an “understandable one”.



USA Claim : “the USS Vincennes took proper defensive action.”

FACT : The Vincennes was under NO THREAT AT ALL from a slowly ascending Airbus A300 civilian airliner. Even if the airliner had been a Tomkat f-14 fighter jet – as falsely claimed by the 9 Vincennes bridge crew – these American made Iranian F-14’s were configured purely as air-to-air fighters, with NO air-to-surface attack capability and could not have attacked any US warship. The USS Vincennes surely knew this.

USA Claim : “the Iranian airliner ignored repeated warnings to change course.”

This will likely never be known for sure, as the Airbus 300 airliner black boxes were never found BY IRAN. This in itself is highly suspicious as the waters where the plane was shot down were not deep at all (average depth just 50m) nor offered challenging conditions for their recovery. Black boxes are easily located in shallow waters by signals they emit which remain active for weeks after a crash. It is inconcievabe that the black boxes – which remain Iranian property – were not able to be found by the Iranian government in such calm and shallow waters.

The American military had several warships operating in the vicinity of the shootdown. It is highly likely that one of their smaller crafts secretly uplifted the black boxes. Why would the American military be so intent on secretly removing the airliner’s black boxes before the Iranian government could retrieve them ?

The diagram below shows why the United States would want the black boxes and why their possession of the boxes should remain secret.



In this screenshot of the path of flight 655, you can see the Iranian airliner IS CHANGING COURSE (red dotted line) AWAY from USS Vincennes just before it is shot down by that warship, after which the airliner’s path suddenly ends. This shows that a warning to change course WAS received by Iran Air 655 and the airliner DID change course. This directly contradicts the American version of events in a hugely important way.

And yet, the US military, acting aggressively even by their own accounts, and acting illegally by being inside Iranian waters, shoots down a fully laden Iranian airliner without reason or the slightest provocation.

What would any rational and sane person call that act?

There have been other accidental shoot downs of civilian airliners by other nations. But I can’t think of any other shootdown where,

  1. the state of the art technology of the aggressive party was showing overwhelmingly that no aggressive action was being witnessed nor was it warranted by any party.
  2. the aggressor never accepted responsibilty nor apologised for their atrocity.
  3. it seems certain that the aggressor actively covered up their heinous and reckless behaviour by removing the main sources of evidence – the black boxes – from the scene, which would have proven their guilt.
  4. In later Congressional investigations in 1992, the most likely conclusions surely would have included that Admiral Crowe and his bridge crew conspired to conceal the full and true circumstances of the illegal shoot down and killing of 290 men, women and children. This conclusion would have warranted serious action be taken against those officers, yet nothing was ever done. The crew of the USS Vincennes were in fact given medals for their meritorious service in the Persian Gulf.

As hard as it seems to believe, the shoot-down of Iran Air flight 655 was no accident. What was it then?

Even if you knew nothing of the centuries long aggression of the United States all around the world, it seems to me that no amount of beneficial doubt could be given to them to explain or condone their behaviour in this instance.

The most likely scenario was that a sadly not uncommon mindset to destroy “something” took over the bridge crew of the USS Vincennes on that July day in 1988. An indemic, aggressive mindset that overrode all the technology that should have prevented the tragedy, a mindset that overrode all of the supposed training these professionals should have had. No moral or intellectual thoughts interfered in this overwhelming desire to test out some of the USS Vincenne’s modern armory.

Remember, this almost planet sized benefit of the doubt assumes we knew nothing of America’s general behaviour around the globe for two centuries. As we DO know about America’s inherent violence and aggressive behaviour internationally, even the notion that the Vincennes crew were overcome with some sort of mass hysteria isn’t really believable.

The most likely explanation by far was that the USS Vincennes, commanded by Admiral William Crowe deliberately shot down an Iranian airliner full of men, women and children. They did this act deliberately, they covered it up deliberately and they never took any responsibilty for it, nor was any required of them.

If this seems too hard for you to believe, remember what Nelson Mandela said in 2003,

“If there is a nation that commits unspeakable atrocities, it is the United States of America. They do not care about human beings.”

I think deliberately shooting down an Iranian airliner full of people and lieing about it would qualify as “an unspeakable atrocity” don’t you?

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