US War of Terror Death Toll – An Update


The Pentagon only admitted to their recent killing of 10 Afghan civilians by drone strike – in this one particular instance – because the mass media did something they haven’t done for decades – their job.

Actual investigative journalism was done on this one particular airstrike in Afghanistan, but that is the first time for many decades of western led war and atrocity. This is a damning indictment of the Pentagon’s airstrike policies and protocols, but it’s also an equally damning indictment of the failures of mainstream western media.

Why was only this ONE drone killing of civilians investigated and reported on? Was it because the world’s attention was focussed on the utter shambles that eventuated during the American withdrawl of Afghanistan? And the American led military industrial media complex thought they had better do their job for the first time in decades just in case another more reputable organization did the job and reported on the obvious atrocity?


A new report has found that… “at least 5.8 to 6 million people are likely to have died due to the American War on Terror – a staggering number which is still probably very conservative.”

Byline Times Report


These revelations come out two months after American whistleblower Daniel Hale – a former National Defence Agency analyst – was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for leaking secret government information about America’s psychopathic and civilian-slaughtering drone assassination program.

Let’s not forget who it was who greatly expanded the use of drones to kill innocent people – Barak Obama. Remember how he boasted at how effective his silently operating and ruthlessly efficient drone program was at killing people?

It was President Obama who put the US drone program on the map. He is a clever man after all. He knew his voters were growing wary of hundred of thousands of American troops living permanently around the world and killing innocent people daily. So he bought some of the US troops home and got lifeless drones, operated by computor game geeks in air conditioned offices in downtown Oregon or somewhere, to do the killing instead.

The death toll 6 of million innocent people from the US war of terror comes a few months after a Code Pink report found that the US and its allies have been dropping an average of 46 bombs per day, every day in the War of Terror for the last twenty years. That is almost 336,000 bombs. And for what? Only profit and misery it seems.

These are only the deaths of innocent civilians resulting from direct bombing campaigns. When you add in the global death tolls from American sanctions, American trade embargos, American financial “maximum pressure” campaigns (Iran), American prohibitions on medical supplies (Iran), the western theft of nations’ assets such as gold (Venezeula) and oil (Iraq and Syria) – and the death tolls resulting from all these thefts and restrictions due to respective governments not being able to get their hands on medicenes and the essential supplies needed to maintain their countries’ infrastructure – what would the ultimate death toll from American and British war mongering reach?

Twenty million civilians? Thirty million? Who knows.

But one thing is certain – you are not going to read about any of this in the mainstream media. The world isn’t watching anymore like it was recently in Afghanistan. It’s back to normal now. “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.”

Is it any wonder more and more westerners – including Americans – are waking up to the realization that their nation is the cause of so many ongoing atrocities?

And why more and more nations are turning instead to China for international leadership, even as imperfect as they are.

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