Female Pilots in Iran Have Taken To The Sky





Iran is a much more open and modern society than many western people realize. I haven’t been there, but from watching some of the travel blogs of the many young westerners who have journeyed to this ancient land, it would seem Iranians are one of the most warm and generous peoples anywhere.

Iranians are often confused with Arabs – who are also Muslim – but who are also very different culture. Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. I have met a few Iranians when I lived in asia for 7 years. They were all just as warm and friendly as the people who appear on the travel blogs of westerners. As were the few arabs I met as well.

The idea that Iranians are warm, friendly, reasonable and highly educated people, who generously greet all visitors to their country, including Americans, is a big threat to the narrow narrative that is constantly portrayed by western medias. That narrative being, that Iranians are very serious, religously highly conservative and anti-American. Some of them might be like that, but then again, you can say that about many western nations as well, whose international behaviour on the international stage has been far worse.

Which nations have been launching constant wars around the world these past two decades? Iran’s highly conservative religious leaders – as different from westerners as they may be – haven’t attacked and destroyed other nations’ people and infrastructure.

So here we have two female pilots in Iran taking full control of a domestic commercial airliner flight, back in 2019 actually. If you recall, some of Iran’s neighbours, like Saudi Arabia are still arresting ladies who drive cars, even though, Saudi ladies were supposedly “given” this “right” a few years ago. In Iran, ladies do drive and more than 50% of university graduates there are women.

In reality, PR stunts by these brutal western friendly absolute Royal Arab dictatorships – such as the great western media campaign focussing on how Saudi Arabia is “opening up” and “modernizing” – are simply that. PR Stunts. Stunts to appease hapless western hollywood “human rights” types and the lap dog and incessantly unquestioning western mainstream media.

Thousands of westerners used to holiday in Iran each year in pre Covid days as Iran is a very beautiful country and contains one of the highest number of World Heritage Sites in the region. It seems all westerners are very warmly greeted by Iranians, which, given the blatant and ongoing interference by westerners in Iran’s internal affairs, going back many decades and continuing until today, is quite incredible don’t you think?

Would we in the west be so forgiving and welcoming of the Iranian people if their goverment had been caught deposing our democratically elected leaders, stealing our resources, had dropped chemical weapons on us and had generally bad mouthed and interfered in our affairs, time and again, over numerous decades?

It doesn’t seem likely.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that Iran, like most other nations would ever be caught doing these things, as most nations do not act in this extremely objectionable manner. And then when the USA and UK are caught acting highly objectionably like this, they make it all worse by their incessant lieing about their own actions, whilst proceeding to slander others to deflect attention away from themselves.

Anyway, one day I might journey to ancient Persia – modern Iran – to see it for myself. Thousands of westerners do that already. After all, there is no substitute for personal experiences. You might even meet some lovely female pilots there.

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