Why Are Ordinary People Always Ignored?

This is What Should Happen To the Mainstream Media – It is a Total Joke


Since I have become much more aware of how life and the world actually function – as opposed to my previous life where I was living in a cosy blanketed dream world – I have been active in corresponding with official people and public organizations about the things that they say which are demonstrably untrue or misleading. I ask them what their sources are for the misleading or false public information they share.

No one ever replies.

How can you take these people seriously? Why do so many people take them seriously? By “them”, I refer to mainstream media, government spokespeople, international organizations of most kinds, etc. Some might mean well, but they are simply making it more difficult for ordinary people to understand how the world actually operates.

For example, our biggest national newspaper The New Zealand Herald has printed false information more often than one would expect from such a long established and “respectable” organization. Sometimes its not such important information, but at other times, this newspaper simply perpetuates the totally false ideas and western propaganda on the globally topical issues of the day.

For example, some months ago the Herald republished an item from one of their contributing media outlets talking about nutty “conspiracy theories”. In amongst a list of far fetched and genuinely silly theories, such as microchips in vaccines and the real Paul McCartney of the Beatles being killed in 1966, the Herald article included the US government’s Project MK Ultra. I don’t think Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike for all the years afterwards, but even if he was….who the hell cares?? The look-alike wrote and sang masterful songs anwway.

Paul McCartney’s alleged death in 1966 is in NO WAY comparable to Project MK Ultra.

MK Ultra was the name of a real and publicly documented spread of CIA led projects which focussed on mind control and other psychological techniques, often on people against their will or who were unaware they were being experimented on. Some victims didn’t survive these experiments.

It consisted of 162 different secret projects that were indirectly financed by the CIA, but were contracted out to various universities, research foundations and similar institutions. In all, at least 80 institutions and 185 researchers participated, but many didn’t know they were dealing with the CIA.

MK Ultra went on for two decades (1953-73) both in the USA and Canada, was conducted in the highest secrecy due to the shocking nature of its content and human rights abuses. All of the records were destroyed by the CIA in the early 1970s in attempts to keep it secret.

But the CIA could not track down and destroy every reference to MK Ultra and when it became public Congress was tasked to investigate and confirm its existance, which it did.

Two further decades later, President Clinton issued a formal apology on behalf of the US government and financial compensation was paid to certain victims still living.

However, here we were in 2020, decades after MK Ultra had been well established on the public record and the mainstream western media were still publicly mocking people who wrote about it.

It surely should be the other way around right? It should be our respected media outlets that are digging into and highlighting shocking and horrifying events such as Project MK Ultra and the people who deny its existance should be the ones being mocked. Part of the media’s role is to lead the search for truth and to protect the people from the excesses of the elites. Right?

However, today, it is the mainstream media who are often ignorant of real historical events and the thorough investigators of history are dismissed as conspiracy theorists. We live in a mirror universe.

Of course the problem is that there are real nuts out there who promote genuinely nutty ideas, but surely our media can tell the difference? That is their job isn’t it?

By lumping everyone together as “conspiracy theorists” our media and other organizations are either deliberately or unknowingly covering up important issues. I’m thinking in many cases it is deliberate on behalf of senior management, but maybe inadvertant by day to day level journos and writers.

If you have read some of my other posts here on China, you’ll be aware that I have grave doubts about the claims heavily promoted by western governments in western media concerning genocide of the Uighers in Xinjiang, China. Although not visiting Xinjiang autonomous region during my trips to China, my postive personal impression of China, combined with my own investigative work – all mixed in with good doses of skepticism and common sense – lead me to believe the “genocide of Uighers” claims are completely false. Or at a bare minimum, highly exaggerated. You can read why I have these opinions in my previous posts.

However, I wrote to several different branches of two global Human Rights organizations – including one in my home city – to ask for their official opinion on the genocide claims.

No one replied.

Imagine that. When asked for an official statement on persecution, neither Human Rights organization bothered to reply. Maybe I’m not important enough for them to bother about.

Lack of interest occurs everywhere it seems. Two politcal parties here in New Zealand were making the same public statements that “genocide of the Uighers” was “beyond any doubt” some months ago. I wrote to both parties asking for their sources of information in making such serious (and IMHO false) claims.

One party replied sending me the same US and Australian government funded military sources that the western global media has been spreading. These sources are totally inappropraite to quote as they have clear conflicts of interest and are partly funded by weapons manufacturers and antagonistic governments. It appears, New Zealand politicians just read the same news propaganda as everyone else. They don’t have any inside sources or reliable and authorative contacts any different to the ordinary voter – or at least they didn’t show them to me.

I pointed out these deficiencies in their sources to that political party.

That political party never replied.

At least this party responded once – the other political party I wrote to never replied at all to my initial questions as to their sources of information.

The party that never replied at all is the same party which holds my local district electorate in our parliament and so it is supposed to be my representative. But they ignored me. Maybe I’m not important enough. I’m just an ordinary voter after all.

Is this how democracy is supposed to work ? Sadly, most western people still think their democracy actually works.

Is this ongoing official global disinterest in ordinary people the reason for so much doubt, anger, protest and frustration in the world? If it isn’t, it ought to be.


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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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