Much of Our Daily News is Created by “Public Relations” Companies.




“The news that you read on a daily basis is often created by PR companies, who present ideas to media organisations in terms of things that are news worthy and can sell.” 

Max Bolomolov, Founder Creative PR Solutions

The term “Public Relations” (PR) was invented by American Edward Bernays in the early 20th century, just prior to World War 1. 

Bernays, known as the “Father of Spin” was the nephew of notable psychologist, and researcher into matters of the mind, Sigmund Freud. It is no coincidence that the word PROPAGANDA starts with “PR” or that it involves manipulating the mind.

Bernay’s best-known campaigns include a 1929 effort to get American women hooked on smoking by branding cigarettes as feminist “Torches of Freedom”, and his 1950’s work for the United Fruit Company, which was connected with the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Guatemalan government in 1954.

There are over 40,000 PR firms in the world – nearly one third of them in the United States – employing approximately 100,000 people.

The Pentagon, America’s military headquarters, spends over US$1 billion with PR companies annually, accounting for almost 8% of the entire American public relations industry revenues. That gives you a good clue as to the business of both partners. 

Within Public Relations, the links between the public media output and those who paid for it, and their motives, are hidden.

Social, print and broadcast media give free exposure to any “issue” if that media outlet’s management thinks it will increase its viewership, and therefore its revenues and profits. As the head of one of the big four American news corporations said many years ago, modern news is about entertainment and profit – not conveying information.

Importantly – it doesn’t matter if the “news” promoted by the mainstream media is true or false, real or imagined, beneficial or harmful, violent or peaceful. As long as issues increase revenues they will get media coverage.

Clients of PR companies include governments, celebrities, corporations, the Pentagon, elites and the super rich or any public figure who wants to improve their public image in order to, say, invade another nation without a public fuss or to deflect attention away from their major crimes.

Here’s a Saudi guy who clearly needs alot of PR help in the eyes of most westerners.

His PR people have worked overtime to deflect criticisms, airbrush negative public impressions and create new positive ones. His PR people have flooded the airwaves with wholesome, normal looking poses such as that below, where a Starbucks coffee is placed in his hand instead of a bloodied hacksaw as you might find in reality.

Has his PR company suceeded in changing his public image? What do you think? What is your impression of him these days?

The alleged Mastermind of the Jamal Khashoggi killing with his new Starbucks billionaire friends


Max Bolomolov, Founder of Exclusive PR Solutions makes startling comments on the role PR companies play in presenting news items to the public via the mainstream media, 

“The news that you that read on a daily basis is often created by PR companies, who present ideas to media organisations in terms of things that are news worthy and can sell.” 

Understand what this means – much of your daily “news” is simply the ideas of PR companies, “sold” to media corporations, often as part of an ongoing campaign, created to increase the ratings and revenues of the media organization. Irrespective of the truth, legality or morality behind the story.

You might have noticed this pattern in the news. Subjects are often presented in an ongoing “campaign style” format. Once ratings for that particular subject fall away, new campaigns are ready to take their place, created around the foreign policy objectives of great western powers.

For example, for many months we had almost contant negative coverage about Hong Kong, with guest appearances from nations such as Iran and Venezeula. When interest ( & therefore ratings) in those “rogues” started to fade, a new major campaign began – carefully coordinated negative and sensational coverage about the persecution of Uighers in China.

Interest in Uighers etc has faded too for now, so today we see in the global media a more general and ongoing negative topic about “containing” China, their so-called military “aggression” and “unprecented military build up.”

In the present day, the global PR media campaign centres around Russia too now and events in Ukraine.

Do you believe the claim of PR guru Max Bolomolov ?

That our news often eminates largely from PR companies?

If you don’t believe it, consider the following typical activities of the world’s No1 PR company – Edelman Public Relations.

A few of Edelman’s selected clients and activities include, 

a) Edelman PR created a campaign to ensure that US State Attorneys-Generals did not participate in legal actions against their customer, Microsoft, who had been suspected of illegal or suspect business practices. 

The Los Angeles Times reported that Edelmans used,

“unethical tactics, such as the planting of (fake) news articles and editorials written by Microsoft’s media dept, but presented to the public and the state attorney generals via the media, as being genuine public submissions”.

b) Working for Walmart, Edelman PR creates fake groups claiming to be real grass roots organizations. 

eg: “Working Families for Wal-Mart”, a group funded by Wal-Mart but presented as a spontaneous public initiative. Two bloggers were paid by Walmart to travel around America interviewing Wal-Mart employees and then report back with highly glowing responses. 

“Everyone they talked to was delighted with Wal-Mart”, 
was a typical report the fake group forwarded to the mainstream media and the public.

The deliberate mis-representation of fake organizations and the facts surrounding them, is known in the PR industry as “Astro Turfing” and is a widely used technique to mislead public opinion.

c) Edelman
 PR provides “creative services” and “strategic counsel” to Saudi Arabia’s  UN based staff, in order bolster that countries poor image on the international stage.

(FYI – Crown Princes, you need alot more work IMHO – see above)

d) Edelman PR creates mind control projects to alter public opinion on behalf of its clients.

eg: the Edelman strategy to increase public support of the Canada Energy East pipeline for client TransCanada Oil.

Edelman’s spied on the web movements of internet users by using a technology called “Multiplier” that profiles and tracks “fence sitters” on the topic their client is invested in.

By collecting huge masses of data on citizens’ internet movements, potential pipeline supporters who held neutral views are re-programmed into becoming supporters.

Edelman targeted neutral people potentially sympathetic to the oil industry, eg:  construction workers or engineers who might get jobs on the pipeline, and nudged them towards a favourable viewpoint, by re-prioritising their Google search results and targeting them with specific social media advertisements and biased PR presentations from Facebook Whatsapp sympathetic to the pipeline.

This same technique of social media manipulation of susceptible people is used to alter public opinion on anything, not just pipelines; eg: Global warming, foreign invasions, deregulation agendas, tax cuts for the wealthy, controverisal legislation…public opinions are being manipulated every day in order for the elites to get what they want.

e) Edelman PR  reluctantly dropped “GEO Group” as a client in August 2019, after Edelman employees revolted at prospect of whitewashing the reputation of the American “concentration camps” owner.

(the employees words & quote).

GEO Group is one of many private prison companies in America which houses the 2.5 million prisoners of the US Government, and it also does work for the US government at their Guantanemo Bay Prison in Cuba. 

When Edelman employees leaked their company’s GEO slide presentation, highlighting how Edelmans would whitewash the fact that GEO prisoners are often held in appalling conditions in America, a major controversy erupted and Edelman was forced to drop GEO as a client, due to the public backlash.

Edelman PR commented simply, 

“Edelman takes on complex and diverse clients and ultimately decided not to proceed with this work.”

  *  *  *  *  *  *

This is just a small sample of the types of businesses that Public Relations companies involve themselves with and the services they offer – mind control projects, implanting fake articles into media outlets, creating fake public groups, improving the image of US “concentration camp” type prison operators, etc.

I read this week (2022) that there are 150 western PR companies working on the Ukraine campaign. I believe it.

We call this our mainstream news media.

Next time you’re reading or listening to a product of the mainstream media, just remember – it is probably part of a PR media campaign to alter your opinions about something or other. It must be avoided.

Disconnect yourself from the mainstream media. It’s the only real way to know anything.

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