Thank God for Peaceful White People To Save Us From The New Yellow Peril!





Look at China’s aggression in the map below in the Asia-Pacific region – its own region by the way. China has been so aggressive and built so many red military bases there………Can you see them all in the bright red of the Chinese flag?

(not the red, white and blue flags)


If you can’t see China’s military bases all around its own borders, that might be because of the military bases of another nation that saturate the region, and the world.

(just in case you don’t get my dripping sarcasm, there are NO Chinese military bases)

But anyway, thank god we can be saved from the Chinese aggressors by the peaceful white people (AUUKUS) who never invade innocent nations or bother anyone, who never committed genocide against their own indigenous people and who have never conquered other people’s lands and formed empires.

What angels they are.

Thanks to Sleepy Joe, Bumbling Boris and “That guy” down under, our world will now have even more weapons of war on it. In these people’s minds weapons are for peaceful purposes …they never use them right?

And as usual, all the creeps from the American and Australian goverment funded organizations such as the ASPI – Australian Strategic Policy Institute – appear on the state propaganda media to spread these lies.

If you recall, the ASPI – which appeared on western media yesterday – is the same western government and weapons supplier funded organization which peddled the lies about genocide against the Uighers in Xinjiang.

It is all quite sickening.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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