Lies About The Uyghurs Are So Blatant!

US Government puts out totally contradicting statements about Uigher terrorism. It’s obvious who is lying.


So here is one of the stalwarts of the Wall St media, the very aptly named Wall St Journal proclaiming that China is needlessly irate after Washington removes the Uigher based East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) from its global terrorist organization data base in November 2020.

Just in case you are one of the 60-80% of people who only read the headlines and then form an opinion around only that, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement – ETIM – is a terrorist organization according to some parts of the US government, the European Union and the United Nations. It fights alongside ISIS and al-Quada in various wars around the world. It is dominated by Uighurs.

With a barely concealed eye roll this Wall St Journal article is implying that the removal of the ETIM from the USA terrorist database is just China making a big fuss about nothing….in order to justify Beijing’s crackdowns in Xinjiang. There’s no real threat. It is all just an excuse and Chinese propaganda.

To reinforce this idea, the WSJ headline refers to the opinions of scholars. These scholars are no doubt very bright people who are supposedly neutral, book worm types – and are much too stiff and innocent to tell lies so you’d better believe them when they say, “The ETIM is Defunct.”

Why is it such a big deal for the US government to de-list a terrorist organization like the ETIM?

Because the United States can, and do make it very difficult for organizations or even whole nations to function normally if they choose to.

Groups such as the ETIM and ISIS who are on international terror lists are subject to a wide range of international controls and restrictions which inhibit their ability to function.

But even innocent nations can be strangled almost to death by application of these same restrictions. Ask Cuba, Iran or Venezeula about the American power to make life very difficult for no reason at all.

Extremist organizations on international terror lists have financial, diplomatic and travel restrictions placed upon them which inhibits their ability to raise money or buy weapons. Its members are restricted from easily moving about the world for terrorist training and it places restrictions on any “respectible” bank, organization or nation from having anything to do with them. Of course, there are probably ways around all of these things, but with these international restrictions in place, it is much harder for terrorist groups to function.

So in removing the East Turkistan Islamic Movement from these restrictions, the ETIM has a much easier job buying weapons, getting training and moving about the globe in order to conduct terror. America, by removing the ETIM from their terror list under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was now saying essentially that the ETIM are great people and they are free to do what they like.

From the WSJ article,

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the delisting of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a group that once advocated for an independent state in China’s Xinjiang region, on Oct. 20, 2020 according to the latest issue of the Federal Register, published Thursday.

An American State Department official said Friday that the delisting occurred “because, for more than a decade, there has been no credible evidence that ETIM continues to exist.”

So, that last sentence from the American government in November 2020 – that for more than a decade, there is no credible evidence that the ETIM has existed – supports what the “scholars” are saying too, according to the headline. That the ETIM has not existed from at least as far back as 2010.

Is that assertion correct?

No. It is not.




The assertion of Mr Pompeo that the ETIM has not existed for well over a decade does not match with what other sections of the American government have been saying about the exact same terror group. More importantly, Mr Pompeo’s assertion does not match what others in his government have been doing with the ETIM, as recently as 2018.

Here is a tweet from the excellent Daniel Dumbrill, a westerner living in China, who often finds little gems like this one and shares them.Check him out to get great first hand experiences of his life in China.

The tweet shows US Major General Hecker speaking in a press conference in 2018 about the “very real and very active Uyghur terrorist organization, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement” – ETIM – and how the US government has been dealing with the ETIM, as well as many other types of people, ie: it drops shit loads of bombs on them, like it is their hobby to do.


Clearly, Major General Hecker is either confused or lying about the US Army dropping lots of bombs on the ETIM in 2018. Because, according to the Wall St Journal, Mr Pompeo’s State Department and some “Scholars,” the ETIM was long gone by 2010.

So who was General Hecker bombing? Phantoms? Civilians? Most likely it really was the very active ETIM Uigher terror group.

Is it that Mr Mike Pompeo and his State Department were knowingly lying when they delisted the ETIM from the global terrorist database? Most likely.

Mr Pompeo has been seen on video joking about how much he has lied in his career as Head of the CIA, so it seems quite likely that he is at it again in October 2020, delisting a known and active terrorist organization that his government’s military was still actively fighting against at the exact same time.

Is that treason?

It is Mr Pompeo showing active and highly public financial and diplomatic support for a known terrorist organization isn’t it?

Which means Mr Pompeo holds human life in very low regard. As well as his own country, its people and its government. Which seems strange (or possibly fitting) for someone who holds such extreme religious views as he professes to. Perhaps he only holds human lives sacred if they think like he does.

The most likely ulterior motive of Mr Pompeo given these facts – and especially as he delisted the ETIM near the very end of his time in office – was to use the ETIM terrorists to unleash further bloodshed against innocent people in Xinjiang and perhaps China as a whole. To destabilize China and cause as much havoc as possible. Because much can be accomplished by meddling outsiders during times of chaos.

China knows this. Foreigners have a long history of causing chaos in China. Read about posts here about the Opium War and China’s Century of Humiliation.

I am sure that China will handle these latest attempts at foreign meddling in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan appropriately. Their culture has been around for over 5000 years after all.

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